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The most generous Toyota car, with a profit of 14000, is 2.0L, or becomes the "terminator" of Sagitar

2021-08-26 01:09:50 Auto Lab

Although Toyota's models can't give users a fierce driving experience , But the engine and gearbox match well , Extra durable , open 10 Ten thousand kilometers will not have major problems . It is precisely because Toyota's models meet everyone's requirements for family cars , Makes Toyota's Corolla , camry , Hanlanda and other models have been selling well in the market , Even if the price discount of these models is small , The dealer can enjoy up to 3000 Yuan Zuo you , Still don't worry about selling .

But for Toyota's Asian lion , Unexpectedly, the reference price of this car fell to 12.88 ten thousand , The preferential rate reaches 1.4 ten thousand , Make it the kindest Toyota car . Asian lion's competitor is Sagitar , It not only has an ultra long wheelbase , It is also equipped with Camry's same engine , Even the beggar version is equipped with 8 airbag , In addition, the price preference is relatively large , It seems that this car will become the terminator of Volkswagen Sagitar in the future .

Asian lion looks more personalized , The front face blends into Carola 、 The elements of these two models of Asian Dragon , The design of the air inlet grille is very atmospheric , Although it's not beautiful , But the atmosphere is full . The position of the lower air intake grille is dotted with horizontal lines , Further stretch the transverse width of the head . All front headlights of the vehicle adopt LED The light source , Even automatic headlights 、 Adaptive high and low beam lamps have also become standard .

The length, width and height are respectively 4270×1780×1435mm, Wheelbase up to 2750mm, The difference between the front and rear track widths is only 5mm, Negligible . The side body doesn't look like a fast-moving atmosphere , But the aura is not weak at all . Toyota equipped this car with 18 Inch multi spoke hub , The size of the front and rear tires is 225/40 R18, Flat and large tire , This can improve fuel economy .

The interior design is simple , integrate into tnga Advantages of models under the framework , Although there are no exaggerated lines in the interior of the car , There is no luxury fabric , But the through air conditioning vent is easy to be recognized by everyone , Make the front row space more open . Toyota is equipped with 8 Inch 、9 Inch touch LCD , The vehicle aircraft system covers satellite navigation 、 Road call rescue function , Even entry-level models are equipped with cushion airbags , Lane departure warning , Take the initiative to brake , A series of driving assistance systems such as lane keeping .

The whole system is equipped with 2.0L+CVT powertrain ,126kw Is the maximum power of the engine ,8.8 You can complete 100 km acceleration in seconds , The minimum fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.7 l .

The biggest feature of Asian lion is the large price discount , Strong power , Rich security configuration , Coupled with Toyota's strong brand effect , In the future, it will become the strongest opponent of Sagitar .

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