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With a 27 inch large LCD screen and a wheelbase of 2.9 meters, Ford EVOS is designed for young people

2021-08-26 01:09:53 Auto Lab

Ford is also an American car brand that understands the needs of Chinese people , Its new models will be adjusted according to the domestic market , Generally, it will be equipped with large-size LCD to attract riders . Today's Ford evos As a new model , This car is positioned as a medium-sized car SUV, I didn't expect Ford to carry 27 Inch large LCD , Combined with 2.9 M wheelbase space , Make Ford evos As soon as it appeared, it attracted the attention of young people .

evos It is a cross-border medium-sized SUV, The appearance of this car continues the design language of the family model , The shark mouth style air intake grille has good recognition , The interior is decorated with scale style piano baking paint material . To make this medium-sized SUV Look younger , The right side of the logo is also decorated with three orange scales , Further highlight the fashion sense of the new model . Split headlights have also become Ford evos Bright design , The fishhook type daytime running lights are in line with the identity of cross-border vehicles .

The length, width and height are respectively 4920×1920×1600mm, The wheelbase is 2945mm, The side body is integrated with the elements of Coupe , The big sliding back roof can show Coupe The identity of the model . Ford not only equipped the car with black paint 19 Inch wheel , The caliper cover is also designed in orange , Make it feel like a performance car . in addition , Ford also equipped the car with hidden door handles , The mirrors are spliced in two different colors , These designs meet the needs of young people .

This kind of evos Designed for young people , After opening the door, I found that... Was carried on the center console 27 Inch large display , Screen length reached 1.1 rice , Resolution up to 4K. The built-in car machine system makes this car integrated with artificial intelligence , Video entertainment , Multimedia control and other applications APP. Ford also equipped the car with a wealth of intelligent driving systems , These include 360 Degree panoramic image ,blueCruise Active driving assistance , Face recognition and other functions . The centre console is equipped with 12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel , It will not block the line of sight, and the function display is particularly rich . The edge of the multifunction steering wheel is decorated with orange lines , The steering wheel is heavily wrapped in perforated fabric .

Ford will equip this car with 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower reaches 250ps, Peak torque is 395 Cattle meters , matching 8AT transmission , Ford also equipped the car with shift paddles , The feeling of having a performance car . ford evos interior 、 The appearance is designed according to what young people like , If the price is right, you can charm a piece of .

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