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Guochao aesthetic SUV --- Rongwei rx5 plus

2021-08-26 01:13:12 Oriental Information automobile

When the national tide wind blows to the car circle , How do major automobile manufacturers show their magic ? today , We're going to roewe RX5 PLUS For example , Share the wonderful performance of Guochao aesthetic car in the new era .

Lay the foundation for the front face modeling Rongwei RX5 PLUS Upgrade to Ronglin KIRIN Xingyao shape , Make the contour of the front face open up and down , Increased area , Make the overall shape solemn and powerful , And the Ronglin pattern is buckled down , The mirror design extends the visual effect of up and down occlusion to the whole front face shape . meanwhile , Starry details are added between Ronglin patterns . Three dimensional hot stamping nesting process is adopted , Enhance the sense of three-dimensional and detail . This also paves the way for the evolution of wing span shape of the next generation Ronglin . The carbon fiber goes through the top of the headlight , The fluorescent yellow decorative strip and the logo placed at the top center of the front face improve the overall visual impact , Creates a high-performance atmosphere . The highlight of the front face is located in the upper right corner of the front face “KIRIN” Model identification . Its shape and letters “K” be similar , It's Guochao Ronglin pattern “KIRIN” Abbreviation variant of . The design is inspired by the Chinese traditional auspicious animal Kirin , While making Chinese traditional elements have international temperament , The designer cleverly put the letters K and R Bind together , The design is full of sharp momentum and strong sense of Modernity . On the font , Through the three-dimensional sharp folding form to further express the young vitality .

Icing on the cake body details Roewe RX5 PLUS In many body details, the performance is also performed incisively and vividly . The hub went through a big iteration .19 Inch star awn performance hub adopts finish turning technology , Five slender symmetrical spokes run through the hub . The facade adopts large-area polygonal section modeling , Presents a star shaped radiation pattern , Give people a greater visual impression . Match with the color ring of the middle cover , It has a high sense of performance , Bright black and aluminum alloy primary colors reflect the perfect integration of simple design and exquisite workmanship ; The rearview mirror and front and rear trim strips are made of carbon fiber . Carbon fiber has soft texture and high strength , It is often used in cars with high requirements such as racing cars . The combination of fluorescein and carbon fiber , Can bring more visual effects , With fashion and sports beauty .

perfect ending The rear design of the car is in the rear , Redesigned the roof with new aerodynamic performance and fixed fender , It can increase the downforce at the rear of the car , Improve the stability of the car , Make the whole vehicle more personalized ; Three dimensional design pays more attention to the sense of expression . The central high-level brake lamp is more sharp after deepening the design . meanwhile , The decorative strip running through the tail lamp is changed from the original chrome plated material to a fluorescent yellow decorative strip consistent with the front face , Make the rear of the car more recognizable . meanwhile , It also forms with the front face “ Head and tail echo ”.

Unbreakable interior with the new Roewe RX5 PLUS Not only the appearance is bright , The interior is also amazing . be based on “ Atmospheric stretch ” Design theme , The new Roewe RX5 PLUS The linear rhythm hidden air outlet is unique and fresh ; Slim single dashboard 、 Horizontal minimalist IP control deck 、 The vertical screen of the central control fully shows the sense of interior Technology ; The position of seat door panel adopts mountain texture , Form a perfect presentation of the national trend in the interior , Achieve the unity of internal and external styles .

The new Roewe RX5 PLUS It has an amazing face value . It perfectly integrates traditional culture and wisdom symbols , It can be called a model of Guochao Aesthetics . SAIC Roewe “ Huadan ” Will add such a general , A car “ Yan kongpang ” What are you waiting for ?

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