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The recommended domestic SUV has only 75800 cases and the fuel consumption is 6.1l

2021-08-26 01:15:57 Oriental Information automobile

Recommended domestic SUV, as long as 7.58 All the , Fuel consumption 6.1L The automobile market is developing rapidly , Consumers also have more demand when buying a car , Individual appearance and rich configuration seem to be the elements that every car buyer pays attention to , Today, Xiaobian will recommend a small with amazing appearance and rich configuration SUV, It is Auspicious rainbow , This car has also undergone a new upgrade , There are many bright spots .

In terms of price , The manufacturer's guide price of Geely Binyue is 7.58 Wan to 11.98 Ten thousand yuan , The price shown is close enough to the people , Secondly, in the design of appearance , The new model adopts the latest design elements of the family , Out of an unusual path , The family China open is very recognizable , And the overall color is also quite attractive , The shape surrounded by the bottom can create a fierce temperament .

From the side , Geely Binyue's line design is also very sharp , The waist line across the body can create a low lying visual effect , And the blackened wheels and red calipers , It can bring a strong sense of movement . In the tail , Geely Binyue uses the most popular through tail lamp , The shape is very attractive , And the blackening effect was also carried out , More beautiful after opening , Below is the exhaust layout with two sides and four outlets , Further enhance the performance range .

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