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Health treasure self inspection replaces code scanning, killing records of "premature birth", and prevention and control should prevent "short board effect"

2021-08-26 01:17:23 Beijing daily client

Under the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control , Beijing Municipal Urban Management and law enforcement departments continue to monitor commercial buildings 、 Shopping malls and supermarkets 、 Restaurants, canteens, etc “ Three kinds of places ” Carry out epidemic prevention and control, inspection and law enforcement , requirement “ Set up special posts 、 Take your temperature 、 Check code 、 Wear a mask 、 One meter apart 、 Anti aggregation 、 Frequent disinfection ” Wait for the implementation of epidemic prevention requirements . But over time , individual “ Three kinds of places ” When implementing epidemic prevention measures, operators take the form of 、 Go through the motions as usual , Lay hidden dangers for epidemic prevention and control .

Code scanning is not standard , Health code into furnishings

It's the peak dining time , There are few code scanning records of health treasure in the store . Such a strange thing , It often occurs in the epidemic prevention and control inspection of urban management and law enforcement departments .

The super honeycomb in Chaoyang District is a “ Online community ”, There are many bottom traders such as various restaurants . recently , During the inspection, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Gaobeidian Township found , Although some businesses have set up temperature measuring posts , Beijing health treasure QR code is also posted at the door , But the epidemic prevention measures are still reduced to “ form ”.8 month 18 Friday night 9 Time , Law enforcement officers came to a barbecue shop at the bottom of the community and found , There are only a dozen code scanning records in the barbecue shop all day , At this time, there are more than 20 customers dining in the store .

Facing few code scanning records , The merchant has no choice but to tell the truth . original , Customers who come to dinner are often in groups , It's impossible to ensure that everyone can scan the code .“ In many cases , One of them scans the code , The rest won't sweep .” Tang Lulu, member of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Gaobeidian Township, said , stay “ Beijing health treasure ” Small program , Some customers don't scan the merchant's QR code in order to save trouble , But point “ self-examination ”, In this way, the merchant will not have customer code scanning records , The QR code posted at the door is meaningless .“ We will conduct publicity and education for merchants in conjunction with the community property , Strengthen the inspection of code scanning records of health treasure . For merchants who never change , We will conduct law enforcement publicity , And order them to rectify .”

During the inspection , Law enforcement officers also pointed out a detail that is often overlooked .“ Many businesses scan the code first and then measure the temperature , In fact, the correct order should be to measure the temperature first and then scan the code .” Introduction to law enforcement officers , According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention , Once the temperature exceeds 37.3℃, You are not allowed to enter the store . Some businesses put the temperature measurement link after scanning the code , Not only is it unscientific , Instead, it increases the risk .

Employees save trouble , Killing records “ Premature birth ”

Introduction to urban management and law enforcement personnel , Some problematic “ Three kinds of places ” Not without epidemic prevention measures , It is “ Deal with it ”. Killing records in the store 、 Temperature measurement records of employees , These need to be realistic to fill in , an “ Premature birth ”.

A convenience store in Beijing North Railway Station , It's morning , The killing records in the store have been filled in until the evening . What makes law enforcement officers speechless is , This convenience store has just opened , The first day of opening , Law enforcement officers also gave door-to-door guidance on how to implement epidemic prevention measures .

“ A specially assigned person is on duty at the temperature monitoring post , Health code 、 Liquid soap 、 a registration form 、 Disinfectant is also available .” Zhang Tiejun, member of the urban management and law enforcement brigade of Beijing North Railway Station , This shop is on epidemic prevention “ face ” You have done enough kung fu . Early in the morning , Just fill in the killing records for the whole day .

Law enforcement officers immediately criticized and educated the merchant , Require merchants to be on epidemic prevention “ take seriously ”, Truthfully register customer visit information 、 Killing situation , Implement every epidemic prevention link . at present , This convenience store has been publicized by law enforcement because of the inadequate implementation of epidemic prevention measures .

A restaurant in Beijing South Railway Station , The urban management and law enforcement team found that the temperature records of employees in the store were wrong “ issue ”. There are only 3 People on duty , But recorded 7 Personal temperature . original , This shop's 7 The employee is in the morning 、 Two shifts in the afternoon , The employees on the afternoon shift haven't arrived yet , The staff on the morning shift wrote down everyone's temperature . at present , The law enforcement officers have ordered the merchant to make corrections .

Promotion is not limited to flow , Epidemic prevention is worrying

stay “ Three kinds of places ” in , The epidemic prevention measures of large shopping malls are often complete . But the reporter found , With the coming of the weekend , Businesses have also slackened their epidemic prevention measures . Some stores do not limit the flow when engaging in promotional activities , this “ Short board ”, So that the original relatively complete epidemic prevention measures can not be implemented .

Located outside the Fifth Ring Road , It is a good place for citizens to shop on weekends . One to the weekend , There will be traffic jams on Xiangjiang North Road at the gate of the mall . Last weekend, , The reporter saw here , A code scanning and temperature measuring post is set at the gate of the shopping mall , Customers need temperature measurement and code scanning to enter . and , Beijing health treasure QR code is pasted at the door of each store in the mall , And equipped with temperature measuring gun , Some high-end stores also have flow restriction measures , More than a certain number of people in the store still need to queue up .

“ Go into the store and sweep jiankangbao , Everyone has to sweep .” At the Nike store in the mall , The security guard at the door specially emphasized , It's quite reassuring . However , Walking into the store is another scene , There are promotions in the store , A large number of customers poured into the two-story store .“ full 888 hit 6 fold !” The clerk shouted , Customers forget the epidemic prevention requirements of keeping distance . When there is a crowd gathering in the store , The operator did nothing .

The only comfort is , There is a meter line painted in front of the cashier in the store , Customers waiting in line to check out automatically keep a distance . However , In the case of a sudden increase in passenger traffic , How much effect can these conventional epidemic prevention measures play , I can't help but make a big question mark .

Epidemic prevention and control is to weave every fence to prevent the virus , Any short board may greatly reduce the overall prevention and control effect .“ These problems are reflected in the current situation of epidemic prevention and control , Individual units still have a fluke mentality , Weak sense of subject responsibility , Bring varying degrees of risks and hidden dangers to epidemic prevention and control , Be wary of .” The relevant person in charge of the municipal urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau said , The urban management and law enforcement departments will continue to strengthen law enforcement inspection , Further urge the territory and “ Three kinds of places ” Implement the main responsibility , Refine the epidemic prevention and control work plan of each unit . meanwhile , Strengthen the rectification of weak links , For the problems found , Correct and dispose of it at the first time . If the repeated rectification is not in place or the circumstances are serious 、 Units with large potential risks , We will make full use of law enforcement publicity and other means to urge rectification , And seriously deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations in conjunction with the competent department of the industry .

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