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Xu Ying, the Third Hospital of Changsha: the needs of patients are the driving force for me to move forward

2021-08-26 01:22:18 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Dai Jing ) The year when the college entrance examination was filled in , Xu Ying didn't listen to her parents , Fill in normal schools , But chose medicine . Talking about why I firmly set foot on the path of Medicine , Xu Ying said it was because of her childhood experience .“ My aunt 、 Aunt Biao is a medical worker , On them , I saw the sanctity of Medicine .” With awe of Medicine ,1997 year , Xu Ying walked into Nanhua University ( Hengyang Medical College ) The palace of . Four years of college life , Xu Ying strengthened her determination to study medicine .

2002 year , Xu Ying, who graduated from college , Plunged into clinical work . In the past 20 years , Work diligently and conscientiously 、 bear hardship without complaint 、 Always love …… She impressed her colleagues far more than “ Advanced workers ”“ Training objects of excellent young talents ”“ Excellent teachers ”“ The most beautiful guardian of life ” This one “ Business card ”.

She is “ Warm medicine ”. In a rainy night , In order to make a clear diagnosis as soon as possible for patients with sudden diseases , Thin she , Hold up an umbrella alone , Push into a wheelchair , Escort the patient for examination , Come back when , But he was drenched by the rain ; In front of the hospital bed , Patients facing financial difficulties , Xu Ying often pays out of her own pocket , Give them a meal , The patient thanked , She waved her hand ,“ Urge ” The patient eats while it is hot ; In the consulting room , Look, it's hard to move 、 Patients who are left unattended , She will take the initiative to carry the patient's carry on luggage , Help with hospitalization ; Blood donation room , Since the University, he has been donating blood every year ,20 these years , She often stretches out her arms , Watching the bright red blood slowly injected into the blood donation belt , She felt she had helped another patient .

Now? , She's from the Department “ The backbone ”. In addition to daily management , What she thinks most is her patient : Can you think more about them 、 Do more .

“ Director Xu , I went to the consultation again at noon !” Road , Colleagues in the hospital met Xu Ying in a white coat , Always ask .

In order not to delay the patient's follow-up treatment , Xu Ying often uses her lunch break to go to the Department for consultation . Interrogation 、 Check the body 、 The diagnosis 、 Treatment recommendations , Xu Ying's patient answer and treatment have won the affirmation and praise of many patients . Slowly, , Xu Ying's “ Circle of friends ” More and more big ,“ fans ” More and more , Many patients who need rehabilitation treatment and their relatives and friends come here with admiration .

As the backbone of the hospital , Xu Ying always believes that , Only keep learning 、 Courage to break through 、 A sense of responsibility 、 Be considerate , Is the necessary accomplishment for an excellent doctor . The road to medicine is long and obstructed , She loves the medical career she is fighting for , And willing to devote all his life's energy and talent to the medical cause .

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