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Hunan CDC won many awards in the selection of "life hero · immune hero"

2021-08-26 01:22:22 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Zhang Yana ) In order to show the good spirit of contemporary immunization planning workers , To commend health workers who have long been committed to the development of immunization programs , To carry out... Nationwide 2020 year “ Life hero • Immune hero ” The results of the selection activities have been announced recently . Hunan Center for Disease Control and prevention won the title of excellent organization unit , A total of six people in Hunan won “ Life hero Immune hero ” The title of , Yes 2 Excellent cases stand out .

“ Grandpa in the mountains ”“ The vaccine daddy who escorts life ”…… The six representatives who won the commendation came to the grass-roots front line of the provincial disease control system , Mainly engaged in vaccination . For decades , They work silently in ordinary jobs , Made extraordinary achievements . Ding Yong from the CDC of Dingcheng District, Changde City " Public health pioneer ", Li Yuzhi, Ningxiang CDC, won the honor “ Propaganda pioneer ”, Jia Shaohua, health center of Wanmipo Town, Baojing County, won the honor of “ Service pioneer ”, Tian Weiping, health service center of xiameiqiao street, Beihu District, won the award “ Dedication pioneer ”, Luo Meiling of Changsha CDC and Luo Su of Yuetang District CDC of Xiangtan City won “ Technology First ”. Yang Yanhua of Hunan provincial CDC and Luo Xiguang of Xiangyin County CDC won “ Excellent cases ”.

Huang Yuelong, Party Secretary of Hunan CDC, said , Hunan CDC can achieve good results in this activity , Gratifying congratulations . This is an affirmation of the immunization planning of the provincial disease control system , It will also further stimulate the enthusiasm and dedication of immunization planning workers , Contribute to disease control for the implementation of healthy Hunan action .

Everyone said in succession , Through this activity, the organizers provided a good spirit for the majority of grass-roots immunization planning workers 、 A platform with solid work style and exquisite professional technology , It has further promoted the sustainable development of immunization planning . From the mountains of Western Hunan “ Walking vaccine ” Jia Shaohua said , From the last century 90 In the s, he began to be responsible for the vaccination of children in Wanmipo Town, Baojing County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture , 30 In the year , He vaccinated the whole town “ children ” exceed 10000 people , There has never been a vaccination error or vaccination accident , The vaccination rate of immunization program for school-age children has always been maintained at 90% The above high level . a “ Propaganda pioneer ” Li Yuzhi, disease controller of Ningxiang city , Successful promotion 2018 Ningxiang City Internet + Implementation of campus influenza prevention and control project .2018 - 2020 year , There are online classes on influenza prevention and control in Ningxiang campus 21.1 Ten thousand people attended , Parents' awareness of disease prevention has been greatly improved .

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