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Yongding war "epidemic" | song Dengzhu, sanjiaguan township: she Xiaojia and Gu everyone go to the "battlefield" again and stick to the front line

2021-08-26 01:22:32 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Yang Minyi Cui Lei ) Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhangjiajie , Song Dengzhu, as the head of sanjiaguan Township Health Center in Yongding District , Quickly put into the front-line work of anti epidemic , Fulfill his responsibilities as a doctor .

The outbreak of the epidemic shows that

“ Carry out nucleic acid detection in urban areas , The medical staff are understaffed , Please come and support .”7 month 28 On Tuesday night 11 spot 20 Song Dengzhu received a dispatch instruction from the District Health Bureau around 10:00 , He put down the phone without a trace of hesitation and hesitation , He knew that in this race against the virus , We must ensure the full sprint speed . Over the next few days , Song Dengzhu led four nurses from sanjiaguan township health center to xixiping street and yanghuping street to carry out nucleic acid detection support , The sampling station has become the home of their work .

In the morning 2 spot , Sort out the sampling tube after nucleic acid detection .

Professional advantages help nuclear inspection

8 month 5 Japan , According to the schedule of work , Sanjiaguan Township started nucleic acid testing , Song Dengzhu returned to the three museums to coordinate all matters related to nucleic acid detection and sampling . After the first round of nucleic acid testing in the township , He promptly pointed out some problems existing in the testing site , Especially the information collector 、 Disinfection workers and medical waste recycling personnel do not wear standard protective clothing , He is well aware of the importance of personal protection and safety to nucleic acid testing . In order to avoid the detection work falling short , He immediately suggested to the township party committee that a training meeting be held , From the wearing of protective clothing to the recycling and cleaning of medical waste , He introduced the staff in detail from a professional point of view . Up to now , Sanjiaguan township has carried out five rounds in a safe and orderly manner 35000 More than 100 people were involved in nucleic acid detection .

( Door to door to measure the temperature of key people isolated at home )

Give up the small for the big and be willing to contribute

You count 2020 Annual epidemic resistance , This is song Dengzhu II “ Battlefield ”. I haven't been home for more than 20 days this time , When I got on the phone, I heard :“ Dad , You are a hero , Be sure to protect yourself , My brother and I 、 Mom is waiting for you at home !” Song Dengzhu's eyes were moist , But still full of power :“ As a medical worker , The front line of the epidemic is our battlefield , We are soldiers , You have to look back , To charge ahead , This is our mission . I am very glad. , The support and understanding of my family , When we win the epidemic war , I will accompany them well !”

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