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[anti epidemic notes] don't ask the end, go all out

2021-08-26 01:22:36 Red Net

Qin Yijun ( The right one ) Check the body temperature of the villagers in Wangjiazhai village

“ Yi Jun , Please go to the municipal Party Committee immediately , There's a mission !”

“ good , immediately !”

8 month 13 Early Wednesday morning , I received a call from group leader Zhang Wenyu . Wash as fast as you can , Wear your work permit , I looked back at my sleeping daughter , Gently closed the door .

“ According to the leader's instructions , As of yesterday, we have completed the epidemic prevention and control supervision of districts and counties , Today, I began to participate in the guarantee work of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in guanliping Street . The Wangjiazhai village we are going to is a high-risk area , The of the epidemic “ Zero ” The confirmed patient is from this village , Everyone should complete the task while ensuring their own safety . Specific aspects ......” Just got on the bus , Team leader Zhang seriously explained to us the requirements of this work .

here , The rain outside the window , The rain was pounding on the window “ snap ” Direct sound .

I can't help worrying . What kind of village is Wangjiazhai ? Under such a severe situation , How is their work going ? Will such a heavy rain affect our work progress ?

The car shop is about 30 minute , After two checkpoints, we came to the village . After listening to the village secretary's introduction to the current epidemic prevention work , Group leader Zhang quickly divided us into groups , Knock on the door to verify the population information . I got the first 3 Village group , This is the most populous , Live in the most dispersed Group .

It's still raining , There is no sense of stopping .

Because the epidemic came suddenly , When the village was closed, roads were being built in the village . Now it's shut down , It's full of potholes and mud roads , Walking is not only laborious , And skidding . We work in pairs , One person holding an umbrella , One person fills in . When filling in , In order to protect the information from the rain , We give priority to the form “ Shelter from the wind and rain ”, People stand in the rain and write . In the countryside , Often shout across the mountain , It takes half a day to walk . Although only 38 Household 153 people , But we did not complete the information verification of this group until it was dark .

The best shortcut is not to take shortcuts . In order to be clear 、 The situation is clear 、 Digital standard , In the next few days , Together with the village cadres, we constantly visited , Revision information , Correction data . These seemingly insignificant things , It may have a great impact on the results . Although sometimes we feel boring and even bored , But still strict requirements , Complete the process 、 The results are accurate .


“ Yi Jun , Just got an order , Starting tomorrow, we will supervise Tianmenshan town . Please inform... Immediately !”

“ good , immediately !”


In this war without gunsmoke , Ordinary we are not ordinary , Our ability is limited , But we don't ask the end , Go all out . Unity is strength , Many littles make a mickle , The dawn of victory lies ahead , I believe the end of the epidemic is no longer far away .

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