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PK shadow leopard? The new Roewe i5 GT was listed at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-26 01:28:17 Aika new car Express

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

In recent days, , Aika automobile learned from SAIC passenger car official , The new Roewe i5 GT Will be in 8 month 29 It was officially listed at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th . The car is based on Roewe i5 make , A younger 、 More sporty design , In terms of power 1.5T High power performance engines .

The new Roewe i5 GT The appearance continues the design language of Roewe digital rhythm family , And Rongwei i5 The biggest difference is the front face , The middle net and lower air inlet are opened , A large-size air inlet grille is formed , The interior of the grille is designed with dragon scale pattern , Match with through folding front headlights and on both sides C Type a fog lamp , Enhance the three-dimensional sense of the whole front face , Very visual impact . The side and rear of the new car are similar to Roewe i5 Pretty much the same , Single waist design , The line extends from the front headlights to the discrete taxi tail lights , Spoiler added under bumper , Make the whole rear look more sporty .

roewe i5 GT Will carry the once captured “ China heart ” Top ten engine award 1.5T High power performance engines , And obtained “ The top ten transmissions in the world ” Of title 7 speed DCT Wet double clutch gearbox . The machine 1.5T High power engines have 350bar High pressure fuel injection technology 、 depth M loop 、 Three technologies of high response electronically controlled turbocharger , Maximum power can be achieved 127kW、 Peak torque 275Nm Power take-off , It takes only 8 second , The comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 5.9L. It matches the engine 7 speed DCT Wet double clutch gearbox , The transmission adopts the world's first three chamber honeycomb technology , Can be realized 97% Transmission efficiency .

Edit comment on : In the past two years , More and more independent brands begin to layout in the car segment market , Compared with the previous traditional sedan products, it is younger 、 More trendy . roewe i5 GT Although it can not be divided into coupe from the perspective of modeling , But in terms of naming and power matching , This car obviously wants to take a share in this market segment . So what's the price of this car , We announced at Chengdu auto show .

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