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The tank Ranger model was officially launched and sold for 248800 yuan

2021-08-26 01:28:27 Aika new car Express

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

I'm still afraid that my modified model can't go on the road legally ? Then the next car can perfectly solve this problem , Not only don't you have to refit yourself , And on the road legally . This car is a tank Ranger jointly launched by Yunliang off-road and tank brand , The price is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan .

It is obvious from the appearance that , This car is based on tanks 300 make . The official offers the car in four vehicle colors , The name is also very personal , Ranger green 、 Grey too wave 、 Black pineapple 、 I want to be orange . Design aspect , The new car is in the tank 300 Based on the model , Added many equipment to improve off-road performance . For example, the new car is equipped with a new style of front surround , The black front bumper looks tough and domineering , And it also integrates WARN capstan . in addition , Large vents are integrated into the bonnet of the new car , Of course, there is an indispensable wading throat for off-road vehicles .

Side view , The new car adds a black guard at the wheel eyebrow , Moreover, the metal pedal with complex grain is also connected with the black guard board , Make the side look stronger . meanwhile , The new car is also equipped with a shock absorber jointly customized and developed by Yunliang and Koman , And the shock absorber also supports adjustable compression damping .

motivation , Tank Ranger continues to carry one 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 167kW(227 horsepower ), Maximum torque 387Nm, With this one 2.0T The engine matches 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Edit comment on : Have to say , tanks 300 The hot sale of is of great significance , Not only let the once small cross-country hardliners SUV Into the eyes of more people , And tell us , It turns out that off-road and comfort can be both . The tank ranger in this article has another meaning , It tells us , Legally on the road " Modified vehicle " It's really coming. .

Tank Ranger models are on the market 24.88 Ten thousand yuan

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