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Harvard h6s power parameters expose the new favorite of the young market

2021-08-26 01:28:30 Aika new car Express

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

SUV Derivative versions of the model - The car ran SUV More and more consumers pay attention to , It's not a Haval H6 Also launched a sedan SUV—— The harvard H6S, The new car will appear at Chengdu auto show . In recent days, , Aika automobile learned from the official that Harvard H6S Power configuration , The new car will be equipped with lemon hybrid DHT System .

In terms of motivation , The harvard H6S Carrying 1.5T Intelligent hybrid DHT technology , Will have good fuel economy , Can achieve EV travel 、 Hybrid drive 、 Series drive 、 Energy recovery 、 Idle charging and other working modes , Intelligent switching through the control system , The maximum power of the new car system 179kW(243 horsepower ), torque 530Nm, Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 4.9L.

About the harvard H6S We won't introduce too much about the appearance of , Interested card friends click 【 The harvard H6S More official figures for details 】. In terms of body size , The harvard H6S The length of the car body is 4714mm, The body height is 1940mm, The width of the car body is 1729mm, The wheelbase is 2738mm.

Edit comment on : Obvious , The harvard H6S It's a sedan version for the young market , The car ran SUV Although the market is small , But the attention is getting higher and higher .

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