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BMW hydrogen fuel cell car is the world's first at Munich auto show

2021-08-26 01:28:33 Aika new car Express

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recently , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , In the coming 2021 At the Munich Auto Show , BMW Group will bring the latest achievements of electric travel ——BMW iX5 Hydrogen Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle . The car was launched two years ago BMW i Hydrogen NEXT The concept car of hydrogen fuel cell is developed , It's still in the testing phase .

BMW iX5  Hydrogen Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is based on BMW X5 make , Through the adjustment and modification of the body design , Highlight the new car and BMW i Brand connection . The most prominent design of the front part , It's the unique... On the hood BMW i Blue design elements ,BMW Inner edge of double kidney air intake grille 、 Front surround underside 、22 Inch aerodynamic rim , And the blue design elements on the rear diffuser , It further shows the BMW i Family gene .

Get in the car ,BMW iX5  Hydrogen The interior of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is also similar to BMW X5 Pretty much the same , It's just that you can see it on the door sill and the decorative panel of the center console “ Hydrogen fuel cell ” Our exclusive logo , And many blue design elements , For example, the blue one touch start button . Unfortunately ,BMW X5 The crystal stopper used does not appear .

The new car combines hydrogen fuel cell technology with the fifth generation BMW eDrive Combination of electric drive system , The drive system uses hydrogen as fuel , Through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen , Up to... For motors mounted on the rear axle 125kW(170 horsepower ) Of electricity . The high-power battery located above the motor can be charged with the help of an efficient energy recovery system , When overtaking or accelerating , The battery will inject extra power into the vehicle , The total output power of the system can reach 275kW(374 horsepower ). The hydrogen required to supply the fuel cell is stored in two cells made of carbon fiber 700 Bar pressure tank , Can accommodate 6kg Of hydrogen , Filling the hydrogen tank only needs 3 To 4 minute .

Edit comment on : Until now, , There are still many people who are not optimistic about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles , After all, the construction of hydrogen refueling station is a big threshold . But I have to admit that , If the supporting facilities are not considered , Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are indeed more convenient than pure electric vehicles , And more environmentally friendly , This car is a good example . that , How does BMW solve the problem of hydrogen refueling station ?


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