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Who increased the sales of traditional trams such as Hongguang miniev in July

2021-08-26 01:28:46 Aika new car Express

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We got... The other day 7 New car insurance data in January , Comparison 6 month , quite a lot “ God car ” Still maintained a strong momentum . For example, in the car market , Langyi is still the overlord ,7 Last month, the number of risks reached 30730 platform ; stay SUV market , The harvard H6 Of 7 Last month, the number of risks reached 27086 platform , Continue to win the first place ; stay MPV market , The top two are still won by Wuling Hongguang and Buick GL8 ES Lu Zun's occupation ; In the new energy vehicle market , Agatsuma MINIEV With 30180 Taiwan's overwhelming advantage will Model 3 Wait for a crowd of models to leave behind . be based on 7 Monthly insurance data , Today we want to talk about the traditional Chinese brand electric vehicles in 7 Monthly performance , But this time we will not rank the number of risks from high to low , But a different dimension . We will 7 Monthly insurance number and 6 Month comparison , Pick out 10 paragraph 7 Traditional Chinese brand electric vehicles with the largest increase in insurance last month , Want to buy an electric car , Especially for friends who want to buy in the near future .

Agatsuma MINIEV Macaroon

Agatsuma MINIEV This year 4 In June, the modified makaron version was launched , The appearance continues the lovely and fashionable style , Add white peach powder 、 Lemon yellow 、 Avocado Green three new colors . Other details , More black elements are added to the appearance of the new car , The internal structure of the front and rear lamp groups is adjusted , More fashionable and dynamic . interiors , Agatsuma MINIEV The overall design of the macarone version remains unchanged , But new colors are added . configuration , The new Bluetooth device supports optional “ Intelligent voice transceiver ”, Provide voice interaction 、 Voice navigation and other functions , In addition, the driver's airbag is equipped as standard .

Run E-Star

Run E-Star It continues the lovely design style of Benben , But some changes have been made . The new car is equipped with boomerang headlights , The front bumper adopts through design , Make the appearance look a little more dynamic . In the tail , The new car also maintains a lovely design style ,“E-Star” The logo highlights his identity . interiors , The new car adopts the latest design style , More young and fashionable . What's more surprising is , The new car uses a double 10.25 Joint screen design of inch LCD , Full of sense of technology . configuration , The new car is equipped with... According to different models LED headlamps 、LED Daytime running light 、4GTBOX Remote control system 、 Intelligent entertainment , Intelligent interconnection function .

Colleway CLEVER

Colleway CLEVER It adopts a fashionable and compact design style , Oval headlights with double C Styling front bumper , Further improve the front face recognition . The interior , Colleway CLEVER Contrast color design is adopted , Highlight the young and fashionable interior atmosphere . configuration , The new car is equipped with manual air conditioning 、 Front double airbags 、 front / Rear reversing radar 、TPMS Tire pressure monitoring, etc .

Euler white cat

The design of Euler white cat is inspired by the cat , The overall use of a more mellow style , It looks very cute . Details , The new car adopts a closed design , The addition of honeycomb elements further enhances the dynamic atmosphere . Side view , New car pair A Column and B The column was blackened , Further enhance the sense of movement . In the tail , The biggest highlight of the new car is that the tail lamp group and the high-level brake lamp are integrated in the black tail window , It looks very discerning .

interiors , Euler white cat adopts the screen design , Full of sense of technology . Besides , Navigation is also integrated in the central control screen of the new car 、 Video entertainment 、 Rich functions such as air conditioning control . The rest of the configuration , The new car is equipped with iFLYTEK voice control system 、 Car networking T-BOX、ESP Body stabilization system 、6 airbag 、 Automatic parking 、 Intelligent forward looking system 、 Parking aid 、 Front collision warning, etc .

Detailed comparison of the four models

without doubt , Agatsuma MINIEV The reason why it can sell well , One of the main reasons is the low price . From the above comparison, we can see , Agatsuma MINIEV And running E-Star The starting price is less than 3 Ten thousand yuan , It's no exaggeration to say , Not as expensive as a female brand bag . therefore , If you really don't have much money , So Hongguang MINIEV And running E-Star It's really a very cost-effective choice . Colleway CLEVER And Euler white cats are sold at a relatively high price , But the highest is 8 More than ten thousand , In terms of price alone , It's also very tempting .

You can see , Although they are positioning micro electric vehicles , But there are still obvious differences in the body dimensions of several cars . Run E-Star Dominant in length , Agatsuma MINIEV Is superior in height , And in width and wheelbase , Euler white cat has obvious advantages . however , If you want to buy a mini electric car , Then the space must be very compact , Be prepared in advance .

You can see , Run E-Star And Euler white cat are better than Hongguang in power performance MINIEV And Callaway CLEVER Stronger , And there are more options in terms of endurance . But as a scooter , Agatsuma MINIEV And Callaway CLEVER Whether in data or endurance , Enough for .

      Taken together , Several 7 Micro electric vehicles with a large increase in insurance number last month , They all have their own distinctive characteristics , And the configuration and power performance of each model are also worthy of its price , According to the characteristics of each car , Just choose the one that meets your needs

Agatsuma MINIEV/ Run E-Star/ Euler white cat, etc

Xiao peng P7

Xiao peng P7 It is the second model built by Xiaopeng automobile , New car adopted “ The star ” Design language , Fashionable and dynamic . Details , The new car uses split headlights , The top half is through LED Lamp with , The lower part is a quadrilateral headlamp group , The interior of the lamp chamber also adopts a blackening design .

The body side , Xiao peng P7 Adopt a dynamic sliding back style , The design of frameless door improves the grade of this car . outside , Xiao peng P7 Hidden door handles are also used . In the tail , The tail lamp of the new car also adopts the split design . interiors , Xiao peng P7 Adopted 10.25 Inch full LCD dashboard with 14.97 Integrated design of inch central control LCD , Integrated in the central control LCD Xmart OS 2.0 Intelligent car coupling system .

Xiao peng P7 Equipped with a XPILOT 3.0 Intelligent assisted driving system , The whole car is equipped with 12 An ultrasonic radar 、5 Millimeter wave radar 、13 Two cameras and dual band high accuracy GPS. The new car adopts NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier Autopilot computing unit , The computing power is between Tesla AutoPilot 2.5 and AutoPilot 3.0 Between . Start delivery within half a year , Xiao peng P7 Automatic navigation assisted driving will be produced in mass , It can automatically drive in and out of the high-speed ramp , Automatically change lanes and overtake according to road conditions .

motivation , Xiao peng P7 Provide 4WD high performance version 、 Rear drive super long endurance version 、 The rear drive standard endurance version is available in three endurance models . The rear drive standard endurance version is equipped with the maximum power 196kW(266 horsepower ), Peak torque 390Nm Drive motor ,NEDC recharge mileage 480km,0-100km/h Acceleration time 6.7 second . 4WD high-performance version in addition to the maximum power of the rear axle 196kW(267 horsepower ) Outside the motor , There is also a maximum power on the front axle 120kW(163 horsepower ), Maximum torque 265Nm Front motor of , The maximum integrated power of the system is 316kW(430 horsepower ), Maximum torque 660Nm,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 4.3 second ,NEDC Mileage to 552km. Charging time part , Xiao peng P7 Change the power from 30% Charge to 80% Only 31 minute .

      Dongfeng Fengshen E70

This year, 3 month ,2021 Feng Shen E70 Officially listed , Introduction 6 models , Price range: 13.58-15.98 Ten thousand yuan . The positioning of the model year makes the overall design of the new car unchanged , The change is just to replace the latest power battery , Can provide 400km、420km、500km Three range options .

2021 Feng Shen E70 The overall design of appearance and interior decoration is consistent with the old models , It is mainly adjusted in configuration , Except for the top model , The other models are equipped with anti fog lamps .

interiors , The new car also hasn't changed . motivation , The new car is equipped with a maximum power 110kW, Maximum torque 260Nm The motor of , And equipped with a capacity of 50.3kWh Iron phosphate battery pack and 52.99kWh and 61.13kWh Three element lithium battery pack , The endurance ranges are 400km、420km、500km.

Biadiqin PLUS EV

Biadiqin PLUS EV This year 4 On the listed ,7 At the beginning of this month, two new models were added , At present, the number of cars on sale has reached 6 paragraph , Price range: 12.98-17.48 Ten thousand yuan . New car adopted EV Dragon Face Design language , The closed air intake grille is matched with the sharp headlight group , Make the front face look more athletic . Side view , The biggest highlight of the new car is the car running style . In the tail , The overall design of the new car is basically based on the Qin Dynasty PLUS DM-i The models are the same .

Side view , New car and hybrid version PLUS DM-i The models are consistent , Officials call this shape “ Dragon sliding back shape ” Car running style . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4765/1837/1515mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm.

interiors , The qin dynasty PLUS EV Overall design and design PLUS DM-i Pretty much the same . The difference is that the instrument panel of the new car adopts an embedded design . motivation , Biadiqin PLUS EV It will be equipped with BYD's latest blade battery , And the maximum power is 100kW and 135kW Two kinds of motors ,NEDC The range is up to 400km、500km、600km.

The geometric A Pro

The geometric A Pro It can be regarded as geometry A An upgraded version of , The new car adopts a very dynamic sliding back shape , And through the two-color design of black roof and silver body , Create a fashionable and dynamic visual effect . The new car's headlights and rear through trim strips are designed with blackening , Further enhance the sportiness of the appearance .

interiors , The geometric A Pro Simple design method is adopted , The suede seats further enhance the grade of the interior . Besides , The new car is also equipped with an encircling atmosphere lamp 、 Contrast sports antibacterial steering wheel 、GKUI EV Intelligent ecosystem 、HUD Looked up and show 、540°AR Chassis Perspective 、 Bosch 9.3 Driving AIDS 、 Intelligent parking APA Auxiliary system 、EPS Very rich configurations such as electric power steering .

motivation , The geometric A Pro High efficiency three in one electric drive system is adopted , The peak power of the motor reaches 150kW(201 horsepower ). Besides , The geometric A Pro For the first time 55 new type NCM523 The battery ,NEDC With a range of 600km, At the same time, the new car also launched the endurance 430km Entry models to choose from .

BYD yuan Pro

BYD yuan on sale a few days ago Pro There are five models , The price range after subsidy is 7.98-13.14 Ten thousand yuan . The new car adopts BYD's latest family design , The front air grille adopts closed design , And a silver decorative strip runs through the whole front face , A symbol of vehicle identity “ element ” The logo is inlaid on the silver trim strip . BYD yuan Pro It's all LED The light source , And with automatic headlights 、 Water dynamic steering lamp and headlamp delay off function .

BYD yuan Pro Dual color exterior rearview mirror is adopted 、 Color matching C column 、16 Inch wheels . It is worth mentioning that , BYD yuan Pro The tail design of the adopts the classic plug-in back tire . In terms of body size , BYD yuan Pro The length, width and height are respectively 4375/1785/1680mm, The wheelbase is 2535mm.

interiors , BYD yuan Pro The interior is standard 8 Inch LCD dashboard 、10.1 Inch center control screen , among 10.1 Inch central control screen has rotation function , Compatible with the latest version DiLink System . motivation , BYD yuan Pro Equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor , Maximum power is 100kW(136 horsepower ), Peak torque is 210Nm, element Pro Each of the batteries provides a capacity of 38.9kWh and 50.1kWh Lithium iron phosphate blade battery , The endurance ranges are 301 Km and 401 km .


GAC AIAN AION Y Listed at this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Price range after subsidy 10.46-14.86 Ten thousand yuan .AION Y It is the first model of gac-e'an after its independence , Positioned in pure electric compact SUV, Equipped with magazine battery ,NEDC The range is up to 410km、500km,600km.

In terms of shape ,AION Y There is no continuation of the family design concept , But a new design language , The shape of the front of the car is very full , A ridge line runs transversely through the whole front face , Match with the headlamp group with similar wing shape , It also makes its front face look younger . Body size , The new car is long, wide and high 4410*1870*1645mm, The wheelbase 2750mm, Its DC fast charging interface and AC slow charging interface are respectively located on the fender on the left and right sides in front of the vehicle body . Besides , Concealed door handle 、 Black exterior rearview mirror 、D The column pattern and shape are very eye-catching 19 The addition of inch rims , Also let AION Y It looks more fashionable and avant-garde .

The tail line is very straight , The line of knife cutting and axe cutting is very hard , Make the square shape of the whole vehicle more prominent , In addition, the outline of the embossed tail lamp and the hollow tail shape , It further improves the sense of hierarchy and recognition of the tail , It also forms a better echo with the front face .

AION Y A minimalist interior design style is adopted , And the full LCD dashboard and 14.6 The inch central control screen makes the interior look more scientific and technological . Special attention required , There is a camera above the interior rearview mirror of the new car , It can be used to shoot video in the car 、 Remotely monitor the interior environment , It can also be used to identify the status of people in the vehicle 、 Provide intelligent services , The camera on the steering wheel is used for driver fatigue monitoring 、 user ID Login face recognition and other functions .

Dynamic part ,AION Y Equipped with two different power motors , Maximum power of low power version motor 100kW(136 horsepower ), Maximum power of high power version motor 135kW(184 horsepower ), Peak torque 225Nm, The energy density of the battery is 184Wh/kg,NEDC Range is divided into 410km、500km And 600km.

Edit comment on : Although the initial development of new energy vehicles is difficult , But after 10 Years of development , China's new energy vehicle market has been booming . According to the statistics of CAAC , This year, 7 Auto production and sales fell in June , However, the number of new energy vehicles has increased surprisingly year-on-year 164.4%, It can be seen that consumers' recognition of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher . We can also see from the above insurance number , In addition to the new car building forces led by Tesla , Traditional independent brand electric vehicles have also been recognized by more and more consumers .

The geometric A/ element Pro/ Xiao peng P7 etc.

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