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What else can haver do besides his name?

2021-08-26 01:28:48 Aika new car Express

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The name of Harvard's new car , Because you can always come up with a new pattern , It has made everyone feel strange . In addition to the original H Series models , The naming of new products is really a set .

Today we are experiencing the latest model of Haval —— Harper beast , The model is positioned as medium-sized SUV, According to the information exclusively learned by aika automobile from the manufacturer's personnel , In the future, the price of Harvard beast will be slightly higher than its own “ Top flow of sales ” The harvard H6, But it must be lower than Harvard's flagship H9. Such a position , It can't help but remind me of the previous one “ Not warm, not fire ” harvard H7, But this beast is full of confidence , Lemon and coffee double platform blessing it , look “ There's something ”.

Today's actual model is equipped with 1.5T The fuel version of the turbocharged engine , There will also be a model equipped with 1.5T The engine's HEV Hybrid models , In the future, it will also launch 2.0T The model of the engine , In this way, the choice of power system is very rich .

Although the name of the beast of Havre , It's rare in cars , But as a Haval , We don't seem to be surprised anymore . It's not just Harvard's way of naming , In fact, in the shape design , The beast did not “ Too hard ”, Instead, it gradually formed its own design language , More confident in design , The feeling is simple and generous .

Harper beast | Appearance part

Haval beast still maintains the configuration advantages of Haval models , The car engine system is the most refreshing one in the Haval models at present , Easier to operate , The search function is also more convenient .

Harper beast | The interior

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The static experience time of the beast is short , The information released by the manufacturer is also relatively small , But you can still see that this car is better than Harvard H6 Not only positioning higher , At the same time, we attach great importance to personalization , This is one of the reasons why it is named divine beast .

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