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There is no volvo IIHS 0 mortality model list

2021-08-26 01:53:05 Aika new car Express

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With the development of the times , When people buy a car, they don't only pay attention to conventional things such as appearance and configuration , Safety is also an important indicator for many consumers , This can be seen from the increasing attention paid to the increasingly stringent crash tests . Among them , In the United States IIHS( The American Highway Safety Insurance Association ) Is the focus of most people's attention , and IIHS The ranking list of the models with the lowest driver mortality in vehicle accidents will be published every three years . The latest announcement was 2015-2018 In these three years , The death rate of drivers in vehicle accidents is the lowest Top 20 Model ranking . The top 7 The death rate of famous cars is 0, Yes 6 This model is available in China , What the hell is that 6 car , Let's take stock today .

The first thing to say is this , There are some hard conditions to enter this list , First of all, the number of license plates for a single model needs to reach 100 Ten thousand units , Secondly, the accumulated mileage should reach 161 More than 100 million kilometers . Yes , I didn't type wrong , You're not mistaken , Namely 161 Million kilometers . After the model meets these two conditions , To be on this list . In the newly released list ,7 paragraph 0 The mortality models are GMC YUKON、 infiniti QX60、 Range Rover evoque 、 lexus NX、 Mercedes C level 、 Porsche Cayenne 、 Hot Shots Golf . except YUKON outside , The rest 6 All models are sold in China .

infiniti QX60

Manufacturer's guide price :47.98-56.98 ten thousand

The first person on this list is Infiniti QX60, At present, Infiniti in China QX60 It is sold in the form of vehicle import , There are two configurations , Are all 7 Seat hybrid version . and QX60 It is also the flagship model of Infiniti currently sold in China , There is no doubt about its own product power .

infiniti QX60 Corrugated air intake grille is used in the front face of the , Match with bright chrome decoration , Eagle eye headlights also make this medium and large SUV It looks more refined . The side lines are smooth and powerful , Crescent moon D The column also echoes the lines of the front face , The overall first impression is stable and domineering .

The interior design and materials give people a calm feeling , Embracing design , A large number of soft materials are used, supplemented by suture technology , The use of dark mahogany trim panel highlights the luxury in the car . But that's the design , Give Way QX60 Without the sense of technology that we should have right now .

infiniti QX60 With one 2.5 L supercharged engine , Maximum power is 172kW(231 horsepower )/5600rpm, Peak torque is 330Nm/3600rpm, And one with a power of 15kW(20 horsepower ), Torque for 160Nm The motor of .

Transmission in , What matches the engine is CVT Stepless gearbox , Can be simulated 7 One gear .

meanwhile QX60 It is divided into two versions of 2WD and 4WD , In addition to the standard configuration, the whole car 5 airbag 、 Beyond the panoramic image , The 4WD version also provides parallel assistance 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Self cruise 、 Dynamic pedestrian detection and early warning system and reverse bilateral collision early warning system .

Summary of models : To be honest , infiniti QX60 The existence of this car in China is really too low , Even monthly sales are not in the top three digits , In fact, it's not just this car , The whole Infiniti brand has a low sense of existence in the domestic market . but QX60 Sales in the United States are obviously good , I don't know after this list appears , As the United States IIHS Certified one of the safest models ,QX60 Will there be a chance to increase sales in China .

Range Rover evoque

Manufacturer's guide price :37.58-50.58 ten thousand

The second model on this list is the range rover evoque , The appearance of the Aurora was somewhat unexpected , After all, Land Rover has been criticized for its poor reliability , But in fact, there is not much correlation between reliability and body safety , Being on this list shows that Aurora has a very good performance in terms of safety performance .

At present, the aurora models on sale in China are joint venture domestic models , It continues the latest design of the family , The front face is still a clamshell engine cover , And inlaid with Land Rover's English LOGO, The long and narrow headlights are elegant , And all are LED The light source . Side lines are dynamic and powerful , The rising waistline runs from the front to the rear , Creates a forward dive attitude .

interiors , Aurora uses the Current Land Rover family design , All-liquid crystal instrument 、 Embedded central control screen 、 Air conditioning control panel , The three large screens not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also simplify the buttons in the car , Make the whole interior more simple . With a lot of leather and suture in the car , Aurora not only has an excellent sense of Technology , It also has a good sense of luxury .

motivation , Aurora is equipped with high and low power 2.0T Turbocharged engine and 48V Light mixing system composed of motor , The low-power engine is only available in the entry-level models , Maximum power is 147kW(200 horsepower )/5500rpm, Peak torque 320Nm/1200-4000rpm. The maximum power of high power engine is 183kW(249 horsepower )/5500rpm, Peak torque 365Nm/1300-4500rpm.

Transmission in , What matches the engine is 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , The whole system is equipped with 4WD and terrain response system .

On the safety side , In addition to the standard configuration, the whole car 6 Outside the airbag , Aurora is also equipped with fatigue driving tips 、 Lane departure warning system, etc , The high configuration models have added parallel auxiliary 、 Panoramic images 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Automatic switching between high and low beams 、 Streaming media mirrors and all terrain “ perspective ” Technology, etc. .

Summary of models : Aurora was amazing when it was first launched , Known as the most beautiful Land Rover , When it was first introduced into China, the price exceeded 60 Ten thousand yuan , But even so, you still need to raise the price to collect the car . Now Aurora has been made in China , The price is further down , And according to the habits of Chinese people , Solved the problem of insufficient space in the back of Aurora in the past . In addition, the current terminal discount rate is not small , Want to consider buying a luxury brand with good cost performance SUV Words , Aurora is a good choice .

IIHS 0 Mortality list -1

lexus NX

Manufacturer's guide price :30.40-54.20 ten thousand

Lexus as Toyota's high-end brand , It has been sold in China by importing all models , Because of this, Lexus has always had a very good reputation in China .NX The same is true of , You also need to raise the price to pick up the car when it first comes on the market , Now, although there is no need to increase the price, this generation of models has reached the end of the product , There is still not much discount .

Appearance design , lexus NX Use a family spindle grid , On both sides LED The headlight set is sharp and practical , With bold and sharp daytime running lights , Make the whole front of the car very aggressive . The lines and sections on the side of the car body are staggered everywhere , A strong sense of sculpture . As a whole ,NX Although this design has been used for many years , But there is still a high return rate .

Interior design , lexus NX It has rich line modeling design , The style is avant-garde , Personality is outstanding enough . As for the interior materials ,NX It has maintained the consistent high level of Lexus . But this interior has been used for many years , Now it seems a little out of date , Although there is no lack of luxury and Design , But the sense of technology and usage habits are different from the current competitive models at the same level .

motivation , lexus NX At present, the models on sale use two power systems ,NX200 Vehicle use 2.0 Lift naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 110kW(150 horsepower , Maximum torque 189Nm.NX300h Then carry 2.5L A hybrid system consisting of a naturally aspirated engine and a motor , The maximum power of the engine 114kW(155 horsepower ), Peak torque 210Nm; Maximum power of motor 105kW(142Ps), Peak torque 270Nm.

Transmission system ,NX200 Model matching CVT transmission ,NX300h Then use E-CVT Electronic continuously variable transmission .

In terms of security configuration , lexus NX All standard 8 airbag , High - profile models are also equipped LSS+ Intelligent security system , Including automatic brake 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane tracking 、 Adaptive cruise 、 High beam adaptive control and other functions .

Summary of models : lexus NX At present, it has entered the end of the product , A new generation of models has also been released , But even at the end of the product , stay IIHS The list of NX It still has very reliable security performance . But a new generation NX Not only the appearance and interior have been upgraded , In terms of body structure and safety configuration, there are also no small upgrades , Believe in the new generation NX In terms of safety performance, it will not disappoint consumers .

Mercedes C level

Manufacturer's guide price :30.78-47.48 ten thousand

Mercedes C I believe many people are surprised by the emergence of class , After all, after domestic Mercedes Benz C The results of level I in the crash test of China Insurance Research Institute are not as good as expected , On the front 25% Small area offset impact and side impact only A The achievement of . But in the American market , Mercedes C But I got IIHS Given “Top Safety Pick+” The best of + Highest safety rating .

Mercedes C Class design is divided into “ Shield mark ” And “ Mark ” Two designs , The former is younger , The latter is more stable and luxurious . As the sales force of Mercedes Benz , Mercedes C That's like S The class appearance has received a lot of praise , Elegance is not the overall style of sports , Be competent for consumers of any age and style .

Interior design , Although the dual screen design is not used , But the interior is made of leather 、 Application of wood grain or piano baking paint , Cooperate with the interior lines with a full sense of design , Let's run C Class A is still excellent in creating a luxurious atmosphere .

Mercedes C Class provides C200、C260 as well as C300 Three power systems ,C200 Vehicle use 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The most powerful 115kW(156 horsepower ), Peak torque is 250Nm;C260 The car is equipped with 1.5T The engine +48V Light mixed system ,1.5T The maximum engine power is 135kW(184 horsepower ), Peak torque 280Nm. and C300 Models use 2.0T Four cylinder engine , The most powerful 190kW(258 horsepower ), Peak torque is 370Nm.

Transmission system , What matches the engine is 9AT transmission , The gear shifting mechanism is designed with gear .

As for security configuration , Mercedes C The whole series is equipped as standard 6 airbag 、 Active braking and fatigue driving tips , High configuration models are equipped with parallel auxiliary 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Front and rear parking radar and automatic parking position .

Summary of models : Although in the crash test of China Insurance Research Institute , Mercedes C Some of the test scores of grade are not ideal , But the overall level is still excellent . And run C Class I, whether in appearance or interior design , It has a very excellent sense of luxury among its peers , Although the Mercedes Benz currently on sale C Class A has entered the end of the model product , But the product strength is still relatively strong . At present, a new generation of Mercedes Benz C Level has also been released , It is expected that 8 It was officially listed at the Chengdu auto show at the end of this month , Believe in a new generation of Mercedes Benz C Level I should have better safety performance .

IIHS 0 Mortality list -2

porsche Cayenne

Manufacturer's guide price :91.30-184.00 ten thousand

porsche Cayenne It's not surprising to be on this list , After all, the price is here , and Cayenne It's also on the list 6 The most expensive model of the car . although Cayenne Not the most representative model of Porsche , But its emergence created a new era for sports car manufacturers SUV Precedent .

porsche Cayenne It also continues the gene of Porsche brand inheritance , The cash Cayenne It still retains the classic design elements of Porsche ,Cayenne After many changes , The overall appearance design is becoming more and more mature and exquisite . The larger size of the through net is matched with the sharp shape of the headlights , Make the front face full of impact . The rounded and smooth side lines can also vaguely see the elements of Porsche sports cars . The through tail light at the rear is one of the classic elements of today's Porsche .

The interior design highlights the sense of science and Technology , Integrate more physical key functions into the multimedia system , The remaining keys are also designed to be touch . The five disc instrument panel is also a classic design of Porsche , By mixing mechanical instruments and LCD screens , It not only retains the classics, but also improves the sense of Technology .

Cayenne There are three power options ,Cayenne With one 3.0T V6 Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 250kW(340 horsepower ), The maximum torque is 450Nm;Cayenne S Use one 2.9T V6 Twin turbocharged engines , The most powerful 324kW(440 horsepower ), The maximum torque is 550Nm;Cayenne Turbo It uses 4.0T V8 Twin turbocharged engines , The most powerful 404kW(549 horsepower ), The maximum torque is 770Nm.

Transmission in ,Cayenne All models are equipped with one 8 Self - contained gearbox , Not using what Porsche is proud of PDK transmission .

Security configuration , porsche Cayenne All standard 7 Airbag and active braking . As for parallel assistance 、 Lane departure warning 、 Safety configurations such as lane keeping system need to be optional . But everyone knows , Non optional Porsche configuration “ horrible ”.

Summary of models : porsche Cayenne Although it was ridiculed by car fans and other manufacturers in the early days of its birth , But market feedback tells everything , Strong performance 、 Excellent handling and practical properties have won a high praise from consumers . But Porsche's options are a big feature , Although the basic security configuration is good , But I want to further improve the security configuration , Only optional .

Hot Shots Golf

Manufacturer's guide price :12.88-23.42 ten thousand

Golf is this 0 The only non luxury brand model on the death list , But many people may have some doubts , After all, Volkswagen's models with higher prices than golf didn't do much in the crash test of China Insurance Research Institute , Therefore, golf can be listed on the list. You may think that Volkswagen treats Chinese and foreign models differently .

Golf has now developed and updated to the eighth generation , The appearance is available in normal and R-Line The version has two appearance styles , Either look inherits the iconic through grille , The middle one LED The light strips are on the left and right LED headlight . The side waist line reduces the proportion of up and down , Further reduce the visual center of gravity , Make the body more flexible .

interiors , Golf continues to take a simple route , Equipped with a 10.25 Inch full LCD instrument panel +10 Inch suspension center control screen , Pick up the MIB3 The system has rich functions , Support CarPlay and CarLife. And touch operation is fully adopted in the car , Match with the new electronic stop lever .

Power on , Golf is equipped with 1.2TSI And 1.4TSI The engine ,1.4TSI Maximum engine power 110kW(150 horsepower ), Peak torque 250Nm.1.2T Maximum engine power 85kW(115 horsepower ), Peak torque 200Nm.

The transmission part , All models match 7 speed DSG Double clutch gearbox . In the form of retaining rod , There are also mechanical upgrades to electronic .

Security configuration , Golf is standard 5 airbag 、 Fatigue driving tips and other configurations , As for parallel assistance 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Adaptive cruise and other configurations can only be equipped for top models , Lane departure warning is also optional only for top models .

Summary of models : Golf has now developed to the eighth generation ,IIHS The list should be the previous generation of golf models , Adhering to the saying of buying the new rather than the old , Since the previous generation of golf can achieve such good safety , So the new generation of golf models on the road , Both body structure and safety configuration should have better safety performance .

Editor's summary : The models on this list , infiniti QX60、 lexus NX And Porsche Cayenne It is sold by means of import , And Range Rover evoque 、 Mercedes C Class and Volkswagen Golf have been made in China , And targeted optimization for the Chinese market , But even so, the body structure is unified , So this list still has a certain reference value . As can be seen from the list , Except Mercedes Benz C In addition to class and Volkswagen Golf , The rest are SUV models , And look at the whole list of models with the lowest mortality , Medium and large 4WD of luxury brand SUV Occupy the majority . So it can be seen that , Money and security are in direct proportion , Luxury brand models do have better safety performance . Last, last , It is estimated that many people will ask , Why didn't Volvo's models appear on the list , It is estimated that one of the sales volume or driving mileage does not meet the standard .

IIHS 0 Mortality list -3

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