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The new car of young trendsetter Dongfeng Nissan Qichen big V

2021-08-26 01:53:10 Aika new car Express

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as everyone knows , The younger trend of the main consumer in the automobile market is irreversible , Personalization has gradually become the main theme of the market . in fact , Aesthetic taste is subjective , Especially nowadays, the slash youth are extremely picky about their pursuit of beauty . For car companies , Want to launch a car that is enough to impress young people , The difficulty is not low . Dongfeng Nissan Qichen brand new SUV Lock in the young generation with fashion taste , Today it finished its new car debut , And announced its Chinese name as Kai Chen Da V. that , Can it impress young people ? Let's have a look .

Kai Chen Da V Adopt the latest V-Galaxy Family design language , The whole vehicle is fashionable and dynamic , Sharp lines , It conveys a strong element of youth . Compared with qichenxing , It pays more attention to personalized visual presentation , I believe it can be pursued by many young people .

The front part adopts a flat design method , Stretch the horizontal visual width , It also brings a lower lying posture .

The interior of China open is decorated with black mesh , The whole shows “V” Shape visual effect , And with a strong three-dimensional look , Very delicate and dynamic .

The lower air intake grille is also decorated with black mesh , There is... In the middle ACC Radar device . The lower guard plate is made of carbon fiber , And the hollow design is adopted , Enhance the visual effect of the front movement .

Star drill matrix LED Headlights are integrated with China open , The integrity of the front is well maintained . Under the headlight is a long four short LED Daytime running light , After lighting, the visual effect is very brilliant .

A flow guiding device is also arranged on both sides of the vehicle head , Bring better aerodynamic design , To a certain extent, it reduces fuel consumption and improves driving stability .

The side shape is slender , angular . Corner folding process is adopted at the door , Strengthened the of the whole vehicle “V” Shape visual effect , It also brings a good light and shadow effect . meanwhile A/B/C/D The column was blackened , Formed a suspended design , It also fits the aesthetic preferences of young people .

Big V Body size is long 、 wide 、 High respectively 4562/1917/1625mm, The wheelbase to 2700mm. Besides , The new car provides monochrome body and two-color body for consumers to choose , And different styles of luggage racks will be equipped according to different configuration models , There will also be many different styles of rims , Meet the personalized needs of young people .

The exterior rearview mirror is blackened , Improves the sportiness of the vehicle .

Keyless entry system is one of the functions favored by consumers nowadays , It can greatly improve the convenience of using the car , Especially me “ Lazy man ” I can't put it down .

Big V The rim is also blackened , dynamic . The matching specification is 235/55 R19 Youke haoma weichi -XT AE61 Series tires , Focus on environmental protection , It also provides smooth handling and quiet interior space , At the same time, the tire has long service life by inhibiting tire eccentric wear .

The rear part of the car adopts a round and full design , At the same time, it creates a good sense of hierarchy , Improved horizontal visual effect . Under the large spoiler V Type brake lamp design , Strengthened the of the whole vehicle “V” Shape element .

The design of through tail lamp is one of the current design languages , When lit at night, the visual effect is outstanding , It also has high recognition .

Kai Chen Da V appearance : Young personality

interiors , Kai Chen Da V Young and simple design , The whole presents a flat visual appearance , A sense of hierarchy . In terms of workmanship and materials , The new car uses a large area of soft material 、 Wrapped in blue and beige leather , Good sense of quality , The workmanship is also more appropriate .

The most striking thing is that 24 Inch integrated Dalian screen design , Improved the scientific and technological atmosphere inside the cabin , It is also a very popular design language nowadays , Make consumers very useful .

The instrument panel adopts full LCD design , Size is 12.3 Inch , Resolution and display effect are remarkable , The driving information is also more comprehensive , Be clear at a glance . It is worth mentioning that , Navigation information can also be displayed on the left side of the instrument cluster , The safety of driving is also guaranteed .

The central control LCD screen integrates most of the functions of the vehicle , In addition to the conventional video and audio functions , It also supports voice control 、 Wisdom refuelling 、 Intelligent parking 、 Convenient functions such as car home Interconnection , Make the relationship between the vehicle and the user's life closer .

The three spoke multifunction steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Moderate size , Comfortable grip . The multi-function buttons on the left and right steering wheels are multimedia control buttons respectively 、ACC Adaptive cruise system and vehicle distance, etc , It can improve the convenience and safety of driving .

Below the central control screen is the air conditioning control area , Silver piano keys are used for control , The key cap is wide , Moderate damping , Blind operation during driving is also very friendly .

Wireless charging is a very convenient function , At the same time, it is also deeply influenced by “ Bow down Party ” The warm pursuit of . Wireless charging is not only convenient for mobile phone charging , At the same time, it can also deal with the storage of redundant data lines , Kill two birds with one stone .

Hollow out design is adopted under the center console , It forms a bag that can hold bags 、 wallet 、 Storage space for medium and small items such as paper towels . It is also equipped with a USB Interface and a 12V The power interface , Meet the power demand of front row passengers .

The rear seats are equipped with air conditioning outlets , The arrival of hot summer , The happiness of the passengers in the back row is guaranteed .

The large panoramic skylight brings a wide and bright view of the cabin , Is one of the most popular configurations . But unfortunately , The sunroof does not support opening .

Kai Chen Da V interior : Full of sense of technology

Kai Chen Da V The integrated seat design is adopted , The combination of blue and beige colors creates a young and energetic atmosphere . The wrapping and support of the seat are also very appropriate , Bring good ride comfort . Functional aspects , The driver's seat supports four-way power seat adjustment , The front passenger seat supports manual adjustment .

The rear seats maintain the same comfort as the front seats , And it also adopts the integrated seat design . A central armrest box is provided at the middle seat , It further improves the ride comfort of rear passengers .

In terms of riding space , Height is 1.75m The experimenter sits in Qichen big V In the front row , After the seat height is adjusted to the lowest and the proper sitting position is adjusted , There is more than two punches left in the head .

Keep the front seats in the same position , The same experimenter sits in the back , The head has space for one punch and two fingers , And the legs exceed the remaining space of the two fists . The spacious seating space also benefits from the panoramic skylight and the concave design of the back of the front seats .

It is worth mentioning that , The height of the rear center platform is negligible , It has little impact on the comfort of intermediate passengers .

Kai Chen Da V The interior of the luggage compartment is regular , It has good storage capacity . And the rear seats support to be laid down proportionally , It can further expand the loading capacity , It's easy to meet most of your daily storage needs .

Kai Chen Da V Cabin interior space display :

Kai Chen Da V Equipped with the same model as qichenxing 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 140kW(190 horsepower ), Peak torque reached 260Nm.

Transmission system , Matched with the engine is a 7DCT transmission .

Chassis structure , Kai Chen Da V Using the former McPherson style + Rear multi link independent suspension structure , It is also a common combination among models at the same level .

Edit comment on : After Qichen returned to the embrace of Dongfeng Nissan , Under strong brand endorsement , Kai Chen Da V Market acceptance is expected . Young fashion design , Intelligent high-quality interior , Decent space and good power , I believe Qichen is big V It can impress many young consumers . How about future sales , It's still very much to look forward to .

Kai Chen Da V Space power : It's worth mentioning

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