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Hechuang Z º ³ Officially opened the pre-sale price of 130000-150000 yuan

2021-08-26 01:53:14 Aika new car Express

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

8 month 20 Japan , Co create a new model — Co creation Zº³ Officially open Da Ding , Presale price range 13-15 Ten thousand yuan , The trendy version ( The five seat ) Presale price range 13-14 Ten thousand yuan , Chaozhi version ( The five seat ) Presale price range 14-15 Ten thousand yuan ,Z Tide Edition ( Four seats ) The pre-sale price will be announced at Chengdu auto show . Co creation Zº³ Fashionable appearance , In terms of power, it is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , The endurance ranges are 500km and 600km. according to the understanding of , Co creation Zº³ Delivery will be completed within this year .

meanwhile , He Chuang automobile also brings users a large set of exclusive rights and interests , Including underlying interests + Limited time benefit package , Covering car purchase 、 The car 、 subsidy 、 Finance 、 service 、 Points and many other rights and interests closely related to the interests of users , Meet the personalized needs of different users . The underlying equity consists of six sections , They are the whole vehicle 4 year 15 Extra long warranty of ten thousand kilometers ; Lifetime three electricity warranty ; Lifetime free roadside assistance service ; monthly 6G Lifetime free traffic ; The charging pile will be presented when buying the car , And provide free installation services ; Exclusive many to one team service .

He Chuang Automobile Co., Ltd Co creation Z03( Inquiry module , Do not edit... Manually , To delete , Please right-click on the picture to delete the inquiry )

Co creation Zº³ The appearance is fashionable , It adopts the design style of minimalist surface and sharp lines . The headlights of the new car are long and narrow , A through design is adopted , Similar... Are added to the interior of the lamp group “7” A zigzag light band , This is also the co creation brand in CO creation 007 Elements used on the model . It is worth mentioning that , Co creation Zº³ The headlight set is equipped with light language mode , Including... At startup “ Welcome mode ”、 When locking the car “ Farewell mode ”、 Looking for vehicles “ Cycle lighthouse mode ” wait , Later, we can also pass OTA Upgrade to get more modes .

Co creation Zº³ The body lines are smooth , The rim is almost a closed design , This design helps to reduce wind resistance . In terms of body size , Co creation Zº³ The length, width and height are respectively 4602mm/1900mm/1645mm, The wheelbase 2750mm.

Co creation Zº³ The tail lamp group of adopts through design , Fit the tail and the horizontal lines surrounded by the lower , Widened the visual effect of the tail . Co creation Zº³ The tail lamp set of contains 261 star LED The light source , It also supports a variety of light language modes .

motivation , Co creation Zº³ The battery capacity of tide play version and tide smart version is 64.6kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery pack , The tide play version is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor from electric production , Chaozhi version is equipped with Huichuan - Permanent magnet synchronous motor , The peak value of the motor is 135kW(183 horsepower ), The maximum torque is 225Nm, Mileage to 500km;Z The trendy version is equipped with a battery capacity of 76.8kWh Three element lithium battery pack , Mileage to 600km. Besides , The new car has two pioneering functions , Including intelligent automatic driving system (Voice Intelligence Pilot), as well as 180°+140° Ultra wide angle front and rear seat layout .

Edit comment on : This year, 2 month , Hechuang automobile completed capital and share increase , And replaced a new management team . As the first model of new co creation , Co creation Zº³ With well-known E-sports clubs EDG Deep cooperation , Supplemented by a young and fashionable appearance , I believe it will be favored by many young consumers .

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