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Robot dog patrol and virtual anchor interaction to experience the vitality of Beijing digital trade!

2021-08-26 01:53:24 Beijing daily client

The reporter 22 Sun learned , Baidu 、 lenovo 、 Guanglianda 、 A number of Zhongguancun Software Park enterprises such as Zhongke Dayang will appear during the service trade fair , Fully demonstrate driverless 、 Intelligent transportation 、 Building digitization 、 New audio visual and other Beijing digital services and digital trade achievements .

On the construction site , The quadruped robot dog moves forward steadily , After preliminary inspection along the set route on the construction site , The unmanned aerial vehicle originally perched on the back of the robot dog jumped into the air , Robot dog 、 At this time, the scene of construction site operation photographed by UAV on the ground and in the air has been transmitted back to the cloud platform in real time , And the workers who had to patrol in a difficult environment , You can view it in the background 、 Analyze the returned data . Robot dog site patrol —— This scene full of technology is not a scene in science fiction movies , But already in Beijing 、 Zhejiang 、 Actual scenarios of landing applications in smart construction sites such as Fujian .

In the digital service exhibition area of this year's service trade fair , Citizens will be able to work with robot dogs 、 Close contact with hard technology in the field of digital architecture such as intelligent helmet , The exhibition area is full of interactive experience , Shorten the distance between digital architecture and people's life . Leading enterprise of construction informatization 、 Liu Qian, senior vice president of Guanglianda, introduced , Robot dog inspection is just the tip of the iceberg of the traditional construction industry enabled by digital technology . During the service trade fair , Guanglianda will focus on digital construction 、 Digital cost 、 Digital design 、 Digital finance 、 Digital supply chain 、 Digital government and other full line businesses and digital achievements in many fields .

Take digital cost as an example , In many overseas countries , The traditional manual calculation method is still used for building quantity calculation , The working method of overseas cost engineers still stays in the use of rulers 、 Color pen , collocation Excel The stage of the form . Through the Guanglianda series, the quantity is calculated 、 Application of pricing products , Improve the efficiency of cost management 50% above . for instance , Originally needed 2 Weekly calculation work , Basically 1 You can do it in weeks .

Digital building technology and products from Beijing, China , It is promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the global construction industry . Suhano New Airport Phase II project under construction in Indonesia , Singapore chendusheng hospital project , The tallest building in Malaysia TRX Exchange106 project …… Up to now , There are more than 100 Countries and regions are using Guanglianda's products and services .

During the service trade fair , China Science and technology ocean will bring intelligent media solutions 、8K Ultra HD production system 、 Display of digital technology products such as virtual studio . After shooting a lot of video material , Artificial intelligence technology can automatically realize intelligent segmentation 、 Face recognition 、 speech recognition , Greatly reduce the workload of media editing . No need for complex studio construction , Virtual studio technology can generate a studio environment full of interactive effects . At the service trade fair , Citizens can also personally experience the live interaction with the virtual anchor .

Guanglianda 、 Zhongke Dayang is a high-tech enterprise located in Zhongguancun Software Park . As the city's only national digital service export base 、 International Information Industry and digital trade port 、 Digital trade pilot zone “ The trinity ” Qualified Park , Zhongguancun Software Park is actively promoting the digital transformation of enterprise service export in the park , We will accelerate the cultivation of new players in the export of digital services , We will encourage digital service enterprises to open wider to the outside world , Strive to build the base into an important carrier for China's development of Digital Trade and a gathering area for digital service export . Aiming at the difficulty of data flow in the development of digital trade , The relevant person in charge of Zhongguancun Software Park disclosed , Based on the policy demands of enterprises in the development of data circulation and digital trade 、 Application scenario collection and Research , The park is working with the Ministry 、 Relevant municipal departments shall conduct docking , Explore the rules and mechanisms of data circulation .

Zhongguancun Software Park is located in Haidian District, Beijing , The park is in big data 、 Cloud computing 、5G、 Emerging industries of digital economy such as industrial Internet and in artificial intelligence 、 Quantum science and other frontier technical fields of digital economy and innovative applications , Have formed a national leading industrial cluster and industrial ecology , It presents a typical high-end form of modern service industry . at present , The software park has been settled 700 Many well-known enterprises at home and abroad IT Corporate headquarters and global R & D Center , The headquarters economy accounts for 80% above , A total of listed companies 65 home , Enterprises with income of more than 100 million 80 home , Unicorn enterprise 6 home .2020 year , The income of enterprises in the park 3366.3 One hundred million yuan , The output value per square kilometer is nearly 1300 One hundred million yuan , The unit density output of the park is in the leading position in the country .

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