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Swifts shine on the stage, 1.2L, Polo panics, and the fit is cold

2021-08-26 01:56:58 Oriental Information automobile

As a scooter , Xiaobian thinks the most suitable is a small car , Parking is convenient , Low fuel consumption , The cost of buying a car is also low . Looking at the current domestic automobile market , The public POLO And fit and weichi can be said to be the best , The sales of these cars have always been relatively high , Occupy half of the small cars . Swift comes on stage ,1.2L,Polo panic , The fit is cold

Swift under Suzuki () Since its launch , Welcomed by consumers . as time goes on , Swift gradually disappeared into people's vision . To save the situation , Swift exposed the new model , With super high appearance , In addition, it inherits the excellent fuel saving performance of Suzuki engine , After this car was launched Polo( panic , Fit is also cold , Let's take a look at this car with Xiaobian .

aesthetic , Swift sport adopts a new design concept , From waistline design to color matching , A comprehensive upgrade . The waistline design is more rounded, highlighting its fullness , Coupled with the sliding back roof and sporty wheel hub design , It highlights the characteristics of its sports model . The front face adopts a new design concept , Added elements similar to sports car design , Penetrating China open , Added fumigation treatment , With round fog lamp design , Make the front face more lovely , With its small and exquisite model style .

The interior , Swift has a new design , The whole car camp creates a strong sense of science and Technology , Equipped with a mosaic display 、 Multi function steering wheel with three frames 、 Reversing radar 、 Reversing image 、ESP Body stability control 、 Mirror heating and other practical functions , It can be used “ The sparrow is all ready ” To describe it . The interior design style is perfect Polo And fit .

In the power system , This car is equipped 1.2L Naturally aspirated engine , The matching transmission system adopts CVT Stepless gearbox , Maximum horsepower is 103 horse , The maximum torque is 132 Cattle meters , The power performance is very important for this small car , Fully satisfied . And its 100 km fuel consumption is 4.2 l , Specific fit and POLO To be more fuel-efficient . All in all , Swift is a very good car , The estimated cost of buying a car is 6.2W about , After listing Polo panic , The fit is getting colder . What do you think ?

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