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Cecilia Cheung and a man surfed together, claiming to trust and give themselves to each other, attracting attention

2021-08-26 02:05:51 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Cecilia Cheung publishes her surfing interface on her social platform , And show that they can enjoy quiet years only when they are washed by water . Sitting on a cloth sofa with wet hair , I have to admit that Cecilia Cheung is still the most beautiful woman in the Hong Kong performing arts circle .

Unexpectedly, Cecilia Cheung and a man are also particularly eye-catching , The key is that they act very close , And Cecilia Cheung also wrote : Only trust gives one party to the other , To do that position . In other words, Cecilia Cheung trusts men , And give yourself to the man .

The man has a strong figure , The muscle lines are very prominent , And black , Manly . They are so close to each other , Many netizens suspect that this man is Cecilia Cheung's new love goal ? Is he also the biological father of three children ? Some netizens also commented that this man's cool and handsome style level is not inferior to Nicholas Tse .

Cecilia Cheung's feelings and the biological father of her three children have always been a mystery , In the past, Cecilia Cheung was said to have leaked when she was in the live studio with her friend Zhang Wenci , Zhang Wenci shows that Cecilia Cheung is not single . So the good sisters finally revealed Cecilia Cheung's emotional situation .

But Cecilia Cheung's emotional situation seems not to be a mystery , Because Cecilia Cheung has been exposed many times in entertainment programs , Zhang Xinyu also asked Cecilia Cheung such outstanding problems in variety shows . Cecilia Cheung also expressed her thoughts , When talking about having a child, you also show that you want to have another child for the other party . I have to admit that Cecilia Cheung should have been immersed in love at the moment , Netizens are curious about what kind of man has captured Cecilia Cheung's favor ?

The goal of falling in love is exposed ? Cecilia Cheung is close to men , Call yourself trust and give yourself to the other party . Now Cecilia Cheung has three sons waiting for her , I will share my happy life with my children every day . Apart from being a good wife , Netizens also firmly believe that Cecilia Cheung will be a good wife . I hope she can announce her feelings as soon as possible , I wish she can find a true love partner !

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