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The horror film candy man exposed a new TV advertisement and was released in North America on August 27

2021-08-26 02:13:12 Oriental Information automobile

Horror film 《 Candy man 》 Expose a whistle TV advertisement , This is a 92 Edition of 《 Candy man 》 Direct sequel , from “ Black manta ray ”Yahya Abdul-Mateen II starring , Is due to 8 month 27 Released in North America on the th .!

The synopsis of the film story :

For residents living in the community of Cabernet green public housing in Chicago , Since they have memories , I was frightened by a ghost story spread by word of mouth , The protagonist of this story is a ghost killer with an iron hook in one hand , As long as someone is brave enough , Say his name five times in a row in the mirror , Will summon this evil killer . Now , Ten years after the last building in the kabuni Gelin community was demolished , Visual artist Anthony · Mcey (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Decoration ) And his girlfriend , Gallery Manager Brianna Cartwright ( Tyrona · Paris decoration ), Move into a luxury penthouse apartment in kabuni Gelin community , This old, shabby and messy community has gone through more , It's completely different from before , Most of today's households are highly paid millennials .

When Anthony's art career faced the dilemma of stagnation , He and an old resident of the kabuni Gelin community ( Coleman · Domingo ) A chance encounter , Let Anthony know the terrible and tragic true story behind the urban legend of candy man . Anthony is eager to maintain his position in Chicago art circle , So I began to explore the terrible details of the story , As a source of inspiration when he painted in his studio , But it also inadvertently opened a door to the complex past , Not only affected his own mental state , It also caused a wave of violence that spread like a virus , Let him hit his destiny head-on .

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