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The latest hypothetical picture of BMW i7 will be unveiled in 2022

2021-08-26 02:13:18 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , Overseas media exposed BMW i7 The latest scenario of , It is reported that , BMW will launch i740、i750 and i7 M60 Three models , The larger the number after the name, the more expensive the vehicle will be , The better the performance . It is reported that , New car will be on the 2022 Officially appeared in .

BMW drawn in combination with this spy photo of the previous road test i7 The rendered image is very close to the outline of the real car , The future new car is expected to adopt split headlamp design , Besides , The appearance lines of the car are quite strong . Besides ,i7 The entry-level car is i740, The second is i750, Finally, the top version i7 M60. And the top version M Represents that the vehicle is made of M Performance Automobile Models adjusted by the Department . motivation , According to a source i740 The maximum power may reach 400kW, and i7 M60 It is expected that 484kW Even higher . and i740 Or it will be the only model with rear wheel drive .

Battery ,i740 and i750 The battery capacity of is 80kWh to 100kWh, and i7 M60 As high as 120kWh. It is reported that ,120kWh Of battery WLTP The mileage is about 650-700km, and 80kWh The battery life of is about 470km.

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