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Musk's "bet" artificial intelligence can realize the ecological closed loop of automatic driving?

2021-08-26 02:17:03 Yiche original

What kind of company do you think Tesla is ? Most people think it's just a company making new energy vehicles . It's actually an energy company , Now it's going to be a leading energy company in the field of artificial intelligence .2019 year 4 month 23 The no. “Autonomous Day”( Autopilot day ) Tesla brings amazing computing power "FSD Autopilot chip ",2020 year 9 month 23 Japan “Battery Day”( Battery day ) Tesla brought the third generation battery "4680 Electric core ", Tesla for the third time “Day” Named Technology Conference “AI Day”( Artificial intelligence day ) stay 2021 year 8 month 19 Saturday, . So what exciting news did musk bring to this press conference “ Black science and technology ” Well ?

At this press conference, Tesla released its own , For supercomputers Dojo Prepared artificial intelligence chip D1.D1 The chip belongs to NPU(Neural Processing Unit, Neural network processor ) Sequence , It is a chip specially optimized for neural network learning from the design level , Such chips are thrown away GPU Functions not needed in , Only the data processing services required by artificial intelligence are retained , So its speed and energy efficiency are better than GPU Better .

You must be curious ,Dojo What is a supercomputer ? Why did Tesla end up designing chips and even assembling supercomputers ?

Dojo The computer consists of training modules , The training module consists of 25 individual D1 Chip composition , Each module has independent operation capability . A training module can calculate up to 9PFLOPs(9 Billions of times ), Interface bandwidth 36TB/s.

According to Tesla's description , because Dojo The computer can support unlimited connection of training modules , So theoretically Dojo There is no upper limit to the performance of computers , It will become the most powerful artificial learning computer in the world , Next generation performance is expected to have 10 Double the rise .

Tesla hopes Dojo Become the most efficient supercomputer in terms of video processing speed . As early as 2019 Year of “AutonomousDay” Musk looked forward to Dojo, call Dojo Is able to use a large amount of video data , do “ Unsupervised ” Labeling and training supercomputers . However, it was limited to the semiconductor technology process at that time , Not enough to support mass production of such chips . so , Musk pair Dojo Wild prospect of the project , It can be said that it has been planned for a long time .

In fact, Tesla head iron doesn't want to enter a new field , But its own technical route determines that it has only one way . I am here 《 Assistant driver " The bestselling ", What immortal technology is lidar ?》 This article talked about , Tesla is... In the field of automatic driving “ Pure visual route ” The firm executor of , If the pure vision scheme is adopted, it needs to deeply learn a large amount of data , It is possible to produce the algorithm required for fully automatic driving .

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