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Honda's new civic type R scenario will be unveiled in 2022

2021-08-26 02:17:08 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , Overseas media exposed Honda's new Civic Type R Imaginary map of , The definite news at present is that the new car will be 2022 Officially appeared in , The power system has no accurate information yet , One possibility is that it will continue to use 2.0T The engine , Another possibility is to carry a new hybrid system .

Combined with the previous spy photos , The new Honda Civic Type R The rendering basically restores the possible appearance of new cars in the future , Based on the new Civic , At the same time, the optimization and upgrading of local details , Let it have a stronger sense of movement , What is uncertain is the design of the tail , I don't know if the tail shape of the test car is the final shape .

Cash civic Type R Used 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine , Power is 306 horsepower , It is expected that the new Honda Civic Type R It will be upgraded on the output data , The power may increase 20 horsepower , The total power output reaches 326 horsepower , More dynamic performance .

In the new Honda Civic Type R in , To maximize athletic performance , Various high-performance components will also be used , For example, equipped with special reinforced suspension 、 brake 、 Aerodynamic kit and other components , The limited edition may also be equipped with BBS Forged rim .

About the choice of powertrain , There is another way of saying , According to previous reports , The new Honda Civic Type R Maybe a new hybrid system will be used , its 2.0T The engine will be responsible for front wheel drive , The motor will be responsible for the rear wheel drive , And Acura's super sports car NSX be similar , But it will be arranged upside down .

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