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How long can a wave of mini cars get together to attack new energy mini cars?

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Easy car original Only a short while ago , In the process of Chinese cars entering thousands of households , Minicars play a very important role , At the beginning of the development of the era of new energy vehicles , They have also undertaken a certain historical mission , However, with the development of new energy technology, it is gradually improved , Their sense of existence becomes weaker , It seems that they should gradually withdraw , Because some models are popular , Renewed vitality , How high is the market acceptance of new energy micro cars , How long can they be popular ?

Agatsuma MINIEV

Speaking of the hottest new energy micro car , Naturally, it is not the Hongguang of SAIC GM Wuling MINIEV Perhaps judge of particulars, , This model was listed at last year's Chengdu auto show , With 2.88-3.88 Ten thousand yuan has been popular all over the country since its launch , Although the range has not yet reached 200km, But this does not seem to affect its status as a net red model , Will also be “ People's scooter ” The attributes of play incisively and vividly .

The length, width and height of a new car are 2917/1493/1621mm, The wheelbase is 1940mm. Nevertheless , But there are four seats in such a small space , And a certain amount of storage space , It can be said that the need for practicability is taken into account .

interiors ,MINIEV Dark colors are used , And in the air conditioning control area 、 The seats are decorated with color , Increase the overall sense of fashion . The overall interior of this car belongs to a simple style , The emphasis is on practicality .

motivation , Agatsuma MINIEV Divided into endurance 120km and 170km Two versions , Equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor , The most powerful 20kW, Maximum torque 85Nm. Both versions of the powertrain are the same , Top speed 100km/h, Electricity consumption 16kWh/100km. Depending on the range , The energy density of the battery system is different ,120km The battery energy density of the model is 100Wh/kg,170km The battery energy density of the model is 110Wh/kg.

Hongguang at the auto show MINIEV Modified vehicle

Hongguang at the auto show MINIEV Panda look

Agatsuma MINIEV Macarone version

Soft top convertible version

In terms of modification and expansion , In addition to the above six wheeled vehicle and panda model , Subsequent macarone versions have also been launched , In addition, Hongguang at this year's Shanghai Auto Show MINIEV Convertible version CABRIO Also officially released , Although in two seat models , But the tide has undoubtedly risen to a new height .

Besides , Agatsuma MINIEV Also actively explore overseas steps , With the blessing of the universal globalization system , Agatsuma MINIEV Not just into Europe , The convertible version has news that it will 2 From 10000 euros , It is also launched locally as a standard car , Further expand the local market with localization strategy .

Chery ant Pro

Except SAIC GM Wuling , Chery, which started with small and micro models, also pays more attention to the micro pure electric vehicle market , Recently, Chery ant Pro Spy photos and declaration charts have been exposed one after another , As 2021 Little ant released at Shanghai Auto Show Z The mass production version of the concept car , The overall release rhythm of this car is quite compact , Is expected to 9 Official listing , It also represents Chery's attention to this market .

The new car continues the petite and lovely design of the little ant model , At the same time, it restores the little ant as much as possible in detail Z Concept car design , Slender headlights 、 The closed grille and irregular fog light area design make it look very smart , Body size , The length, width and height of the vehicle are 3385/1680/2160mm, The wheelbase is 2160mm.

The tail lamp also adopts a similar tear eye design , It echoes the headlights back and forth .

interiors , From the patent map, it is expected to adopt the popular dual screen design , A row of physical keys at the bottom of the central control screen improve the practical properties , On the whole, it's regular .

The power information of the new car is still unknown , But at present, Chery's new energy little ant NEDC Mileage to 301km, The new car is not expected to be lower than this figure , Continuous attention .

chery QQ ice cream

Except for the little ants Pro outside , Chery another new energy mini car QQ Ice cream is also coming on the market , It is understood that this car will appear at Chengdu auto show , And listed during the year , The new car has been opened for blind booking , The deposit only needs 9.9 element .

In terms of name , This model uses QQ name , Both to the classic Chery QQ Model salute , It also shows that Chery wants to reproduce its past in the field of new energy micro cars QQ Bring glory , And the name of ice cream is more pleasant , In terms of design style , Its direct competitor has obviously locked in the current hot Hongguang MINIEV.

In terms of appearance design , chery QQ Ice cream also uses square lines to outline the body , The advantage is that you can get more riding space in the car , This is the ideal shape for a mini car , You can see that the rear of the body is also very strong lines , But the compact body looks very cute , In line with the positioning of urban scooters .

Through the previous preview, you can see , The shape of head lamp group is very similar to that of tail lamp group , The two echo each other . There are also U Type light band design , It looks funny , The feeling of the whole car is a lovely wind . It is expected that after the mass production and listing of new cars in the future , It will also provide a very eye-catching and bright color scheme .

Power system , According to the declaration information , chery QQ Ice cream will carry power 20 Kilowatt motor , Refer to competitor Hongguang MINIEV, chery QQ The range of ice cream may be in 200 km .

Chilu EC1

Of course , Chery's layout of the micro electric vehicle market is not limited to itself , In addition to the above mentioned QQ Ice cream and little ants Pro outside , Its first model developed in cooperation with Qilu automobile EC1 It's offline , And start pre-sale , Presale price range 3.28-4.38 Ten thousand yuan , Mileage to 125km And 200km, As the sister model of Chery ant , Will be in 9 On the listed .

In terms of appearance design , Chilu eC1 The compact body has brought more sprouting and stylish visual enjoyment , It caters to contemporary young people and shows their personality 、 Pursue the aesthetic orientation of fashion trend . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 3226/1676/1556, The wheelbase 2150 mm .

Configuration level , New standard car networking system , And can realize remote control . The new car is available in four colors , They are Magic Butterfly Purple 、 Swan white 、 Koi red and ELF blue , They are all younger colors .

Interior design , Chilu eC1 Although it has not been officially announced , But according to previously disclosed information , Maybe it will carry 7 Inch LCD dashboard , as well as 9 Inch central touch screen , And can also use mobile phones at the same time APP To realize the remote interconnection function .

Power system , Chilu eC1 The motor power is 25 kw , It will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack , The single manufacturer of energy storage device is Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd , The assembly manufacturer is Shandong Ruixin Energy Technology Co., Ltd .

Qilu automobile was founded in 2020 year 9 month 1 Japan , Focus on R & D and manufacturing of new energy vehicles , At present, three vehicle platforms and product lines have been planned , So as to meet the diversified vehicle needs of users . And Qilu will 9 The new energy micro car listed in May may be the same as Chery 9 The little ants listed in January Pro Form combo , Strive to further develop the share of Chery products in the new energy micro car market .

Punk Duoduo

Punk is more than 8 month 6 Open pre-sale day , The pre price range is 2.88-3.98 Ten thousand yuan . According to the latest official information , Or will be 8 Officially listed within the month , Ice crystal blue 、 Energy orange 、 There are four body colors of light cyan and Pearl White for consumers to choose , The range is also up to 178KM.

Punk Duoduo's body size is 3310/1500/1588mm, The wheelbase is 2275mm, The lines of the whole vehicle are round and smooth , Compact shape Q ' . The front black decorative panel is integrated with the headlamp , Match with the closed double-layer corrugated lattice below , Distinctive personality and strong recognition .

From the side , The new car adopts a two-color body design , At the same time, it has the style of suspended roof , Vision is very young , In line with the current fashion trend and the aesthetic concept of young consumer groups .

The rear part , The oval and vertical tail lamp group echoes with the headlights , Unique and exquisite shape , The sense of three-dimensional and hierarchy is more prominent . The paperback design of the license plate area , Let the center of vision sink more , Create a good sense of stability .

interiors , Punk uses red more / Black double color matching style , White and chrome plated elements are added to the details , Create a young and vibrant interior atmosphere . Three spoke steering wheel with suspended color LCD instrument , The visual effect is simple and generous .

configuration , Punk Duoduo is all standard ABS+EBD、 Power windows 、 Central door lock 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 The ramp auxiliary 、 Child safety seat interface 、 Conventional configurations such as electric power steering , Provide including 7 Inch center control large screen 、 Reversing image 、 Press the button to lower the window 、 Mobile Mapping 、 Bluetooth car phone and other convenient and practical equipment leading the same level or the same price level .

Dynamic part , Punk Duoduo is equipped with a maximum power 29kW Permanent magnet synchronous drive motor , Maximum torque 110N·m, Match lithium iron phosphate battery , Provide 10.3KWh and 14.5KWh Two rated capacities . Its NEDC The endurance ranges are 128km and 178km, The warranty of the whole vehicle is 3 Years or 10 Thousands of kilometers , The warranty period of the battery pack is 8 Years or 12 Thousands of kilometers .

Reading mango

stay 2021 At the Shanghai Auto Show , Reading officially announced the opening of mango pre-sale , Open to booking a price 2.98-5.49 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is positioned as a pure electric mini car . This is what Redding is i3、i5 and i9 The fourth product released later , The vehicle will be equipped with 5G interconnection 、AR Panoramic navigation and other configurations .

Redding mango has a suspended roof + Body two-color design , At the same time, a black decorative strip is also provided under the door panel for decoration , It looks very fashionable . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 3620/1610/1525mm, The wheelbase is 2440mm.

The car can accommodate 4 People ride , And there are 19 Storage space . configuration , With a new car 5G interconnection 、AR Panoramic navigation 、 Constant temperature battery system 、 Low speed pedestrian reminder 、ADAS Auxiliary driving 、 Technology such as intelligent parking . Endurance , The new car will come out 130km、185km and 300km Three versions are available .

Besides , Reading car is 7 Announce at the end of the month 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 Designated funds are listed , There are three models in total , The price is 3.98-5.98 ten thousand , This designated model will be more personalized than the ordinary model , Officials announced the addition of grapefruit powder 、 Matcha green 、 Cheese yellow 、 Candy blue appearance color matching , And add 4 A new interior color scheme .

Tingrui Xiaohu

In the latest issue of the catalogue of models declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology not long ago , A model named Tingrui Xiaohu has attracted our attention , By name , It can be seen that this strange name comes from a new manufacturer , It uses the qualification of Dongfeng Co., Ltd , Will focus on cute style , Target young people , From the information , This car is positioned as a pure electric mini car , Equipped with maximum power 30kW The motor of .

From the pictures of the declaration , This car is the same as all new energy micro cars , They all adopt small and exquisite design , The overall use of rounded lines and circular elements to highlight its playful style , The double door design is adopted . The head of the vehicle is equipped with a closed type air inlet grille , Different styles of rim covers will also be available . Body size , The length, width and height of the vehicle are 2920/1499/1610mm, The wheelbase of the car body is 1980mm.

Besides , This car pays special attention to color matching , It adopts the design of mosaic color , There is brown rice 、 powder 、 Yellow, black and other colors are available , And in the trim 、 Rearview mirror 、 Different color elements can also be selected for fog lamp area , The same goes for tires , It's more playful 、 The main young style coincides .

motivation , The new car is equipped with maximum power 30kW The motor of , Battery , The new car uses the ternary lithium battery provided by polyfluoro .

Agatsuma MINIEV The phenomenal popularity seems to knock on the door of car enterprises' interest in new energy micro cars , This pure electric car has been selling well since it was launched last year , From the sales figures , This year, 6 Hong Guang Yue MINIEV In the car list, it has steadily ranked third , Monthly sales 30100 car .

In this year 1-6 Cumulative sales volume of the month , Agatsuma MINIEV Even surpassed the Toyota Corolla in second place , With 182767 The cumulative sales volume of vehicles is second only to Nissan Xuanyi .

Third in sales in a single month 、 The achievement of the second in cumulative sales confirms Hongguang MINIEV The gold content of sales , Also let other manufacturers see the market demand and potential in this field , stay “ envy ” At the same time , Their own products are accelerating , So we can see , New energy mini cars not only did not gradually withdraw , The frequency of updates and launches has accelerated .

Of course , Compared with , Mini cars have their advantages , With its small kerb mass, mini cars often have lower energy consumption , The body size makes it have obvious advantages under the increasingly tense urban parking resources , And lower prices can meet the needs of more people to buy cars , It's also friendly for consumers with limited budgets , This is not only for the previous fuel mini cars , It is also applicable to today's new energy mini cars .

For new energy mini cars , Its urban area is not so large 、 Small and medium-sized cities with unlimited licenses can do a lot , And in time in the first and second tier cities , It also has a living space .

Previously, micro electric vehicles have ushered in a wave of growth under the momentum of license restriction in first and second tier cities and efforts to develop new energy vehicles , It is even called “ It's a magic weapon ”, But in addition to the advantages mentioned above , Its interior space is small 、 Poor practicability 、 Low safety factor 、 Short range and other shortcomings are also particularly obvious .

I still remember trying a brand of new energy micro car before , The car not only has limited space , There are only two people , Charging only supports 8 Hour slow charge 、 The endurance is only 180km, The fastest speed does not exceed 90km/h, Only in this way can we understand , After all, the price and grade are there , However, in this era of paying more attention to vehicle active and passive safety , Not only does the car have no airbags , Even ABS\EBD In this way, the basic active security configuration does not match , Instead, I spent my energy on the large screen 、 Leather seats and other visible places , Such a car is basically of little value except for the attribute of occupying the number , It's not safe to drive , It was just a few years ago , It should be improved now .

Previously, a wave of new energy policies had been transmitted online in Shanghai , For example, yes. 4.6 Meter car length 、10 The price below 10000 yuan and other hard indicators are limited , Although it turned out to be a false alarm , But it also shows some signals . On the other hand, many departments in Beijing jointly released 《 Notice on strengthening the management of illegal electric three and four wheeled vehicles 》, The management and exit policies of the city's in-service vehicles are clarified , We will promote the fundamental treatment of the illegal and disorderly situation of electric tricycles , Although the new energy mini car does not belong to this scope , But in the long run , Or there is a certain warning .

From the national macro level , The entry of a large number of new energy micro cars into the market is not a good thing for the long-term development of the new energy vehicle industry , It is not conducive to the country's curve overtaking in the new energy vehicle strategy , It is not conducive to forcing manufacturers to upgrade through policies , There is a trend of reversing history , And a lot of endurance is not high 、 Small and micro level new energy vehicles with low energy density are on the road , It will also bring hidden dangers to road traffic safety and order , In the future, it will increase the pressure on power battery recycling , Bring a series of problems such as environmental pollution , These are all things to consider .


Of course , The existence of new energy mini cars has indeed lowered the purchase threshold of new energy vehicles , It can also meet a certain degree of use needs , It's worth affirming , If more people can meet the needs of commuting and daily use in the future , For the brand and performance can also take into account the emergence of boutique cars , There is no doubt that we are happy to see , The future trend of this field , We will continue to pay attention .

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