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New Volkswagen Tiguan L: can I really buy the "beggar version" this time?

2021-08-26 02:19:49 Luca car

Popular Tiguan in China SUV The market is a gold lettered signboard , Although the current heat is still far from its heyday , But the brand also developed into a family existence . recently , Dazhong Tiguan family ushers in the mid-term reform , The models covered include Tiguan L、 View of path L PHEV、 View of path X Models such as . Today, let's focus on the most popular way view L.

As a mid - term change model , View of the public way L The appearance and interior configuration have been upgraded to a certain extent . Especially the new suspended central control large screen , And the design of through air conditioner outlet , It highlights a strong younger orientation . New Tiguan L The fuel version will continue to provide high 、 Low power two kinds of adjustment 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Bring together 6 models , The official price 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan .

5 seat 7 There are choices for all seats

Whether in terms of positioning or pricing , This year, 6 Bekeankoway launched in January Plus It's all public Tiguan L A very accurate competitor . In the case of only the fuel version , Both models are used 2.0T Turbocharged engine . The difference is beconkovi Plus Also added a set of 48V Light mixed system , The maximum power of the whole set of power reaches 174kW. And the mass transit view L It provides two kinds of adjustment , The low power version is 137kW, The high-power version is 162kW. Obviously, the power , Buick still has a good advantage .

As for space , Both models don't have too many fancy actions in appearance . Maintain a more traditional city SUV outline , To maximize the utilization of space , After all, their brands have their own cross-border routes SUV. And both models offer 5 Seat and 7 Seat selection , Buick envision Plus Yes, in addition to the entry-level elite version, it only provides 5 Outside the seat , The remaining configurations will be launched accordingly 5 Seat and 7 Seat selection . View of the public way L The low configuration only provides 5 seat , Medium configuration standard 5 The seat is optional 7 seat , High configuration only provides 7 seat .

Directly compare the dimensional data of the two models , Buick envision Plus In terms of length, width, height and wheelbase, it should be ahead of the public Tiguan L, Especially in terms of body length , Almost more than about 110mm. However, the loading capacity of the two vehicles is similar , Buick envision Plus Of 5 Seat plate standard luggage compartment volume 515L, View of the public way L It is 495L. and 7 On the seat version , Buick envision Plus The standard volume of the luggage compartment is only 137L, View of the public way L And at least 173L The level of .

The entry-level version without sunroof is very good

View of the public way L After medium-term change , The configuration has been adjusted to a certain extent , I think the most benefit is its entry-level model 330TSI Automatic two drive comfort version ( The guided 21.58 Ten thousand yuan ). The active and passive safety configuration of this model is basically perfect , Except that there is no power seat adjustment , The comfort configuration is also completely sufficient . Compared with other configurations, the size of the central control screen and LCD instrument will be slightly smaller , But it doesn't hurt . In particular, there is no skylight , It saves a lot , Moreover, a considerable number of users are not interested in the skylight , Just like the entry-level model, other configurations are also reasonable .

330TSI Automatic two drive intelligent sharing version ( The guided 23.38 Ten thousand yuan ),1.8 The difference of ten thousand yuan , The main thing is that there are more panoramic skylights 、 Electric induction rear compartment 、 Front electrically adjustable leather seats 、 Reversing image , And rear independent air conditioning . in addition , The central control screen and LCD instrument are also upgraded to 12 Inches and 10.3 " " Full blood version ". therefore , Let's talk about the price difference , It's not small , But configuration does provide a lot .

330TSI Automatic two drive R-Line Yuexiang version ( The guided 24.18 Ten thousand yuan ), Start with this configuration , In addition to providing 7 In addition to the optional or standard configuration of the seat , Also began to adopt the popular R-Line Design Kit . In terms of pure configuration , It's upgraded 19 Inch wheels 、 Panoramic images 、 Automatic parking 、 Steering wheel and front seat heating, etc . If you are " Yan Kong ", Maybe you can't resist the temptation . Of course , If it's a northern user , All kinds of heating suits are still worth paying .

330TSI Automatic two drive R-Line Flagship Edition ( The guided 25.28 Ten thousand yuan ), The configuration is 2.0T Low power version of the top model , Added lane departure warning 、 Active safety configuration such as lane keeping assistance . In addition, it also provides parallel assistance 、 Harman Caton sound 、 Matrix headlights 、30 Color interior atmosphere lamp . All in all , In terms of cost performance, it's very general , But I want to pursue higher motivation , The price difference is quite large , So it's a little awkward .

as for 380TSI Two high-profile models , In terms of configuration, it almost corresponds to R-Line Yuexiang version 、R-Line Flagship Edition . In addition to power improvement , It also provides four-wheel drive system , And standard 7 A layout . But the price increase is also relatively large ,R-Line The more you enjoy the version, the more 2.6 Ten thousand yuan ,R-Line The flagship version is more expensive 2.9 Ten thousand yuan ( Poor seat ventilation and other configurations ). Official website , Optional packaging 7 The price of seats is 5600 element , If the high configuration is also optional , Maybe the price will be more beautiful ?

summary : With more and more competitive products , The once popular Tiguan also played a differentiation . Positioning medium SUV The concept of mass road L, In fact, it's stuck in the traditional compact SUV High configuration , Compared with traditional medium-sized enterprises SUV This position of entry . In addition, the car model also provides 5 Seat and 7 Seat selection , Therefore, the audience is still relatively broad . The low and medium configuration of the new car has a certain cost performance , as for 7 The seat is reserved for those who really need it .

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