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As for the technology released on AI day, Tesla has been leading auto companies for at least 20 years

2021-08-26 02:19:56 Luca car

hold " tesla " As the protagonist of the topic , I'm a little tired of this kind of thing . Similar new technology to almost every other enterprise , Whether advanced or not , Have to compare with Tesla's current performance , To get the answer , What's going on .

Essentially , Before the formal implementation of laws, regulations and supervision , Today's technology competition is more of a period of chaos , It has not yet entered a truly white hot era .

From the timeline , Tesla has already had its own autopilot days before 、 Battery day , Looking forward to their next technological development . among , There are many new developments , But it also triggered discussions in the industry , The general view is " Is this ?"

and 2021 Year of AI DAY, We have a new answer sheet in front of us , There is also a need for discussion , About AI Artificial intelligence .

These technical objectives , Other enterprises 20 Years may not catch up with

First, we need to pave the way , Tesla's 2021 AI DAY, The purpose is clear , The small meaning is to show your muscles , Tell you what the next development path of this enterprise is . And great significance , It's recruitment , So read down to the core of recruitment , You will gradually find , Why on earth , This press conference will be like this .

Just get a wave AI DAY Dry goods of , Don't put too much hard core data , Easy to understand :

1. There are four big things , Talked about computer vision 、 Chatting TESLA chip 、 Tesla robots will be in 2022 The prototype was launched in , And the most important Dojo supercomputer . Keep in mind ,Dojo above all , I'll go into detail below .

2. chip , Name is D1, Tesla self-developed and produced (designed and built entirely in-house), 7 Nanomaterials . At Tesla AI DAY On , Its data has such a line description "GPU Level of computing power ,CPU Of connectivity ,I/O Bandwidth is " Today's most advanced network switching chip " Twice as many ". With processing power 362 teraflops Of D1 chip , Tesla can use this to increase bandwidth 、 Reduce the delay 、 promote AI performance , Then it is calculated and transmitted at the same time ( Focus on ), Instruction set architecture customization ISA, Then with the training tile , form Dojo This supercomputer has pure learning ability .

A single one D1 Have 500 100 million transistors 、362TFLOPS Peak computing power of (BF16/CFP8), Power waste 400W within . except D1 chip , And the performance of training tiles , It integrates multiple chips for higher bandwidth , The ultimate computing power is , Each tile 9 petaflops And every second 36 TB Computing power . Final , The cabinet machine consists of 3000 star D1 Tesla composed of chips ExaPOD The calculation force is directly pulled to 1.1EFLOPS.

In the field of supercomputers , At the top of the world , The difference is , Its core is for learning and training , Not other compatible , Almost means more efficient .

3. Computer vision , This is one of the ways to build a digital model , You can understand it as modeling and matching similar to computer games . Every Tesla car , Will scan and observe like human eyes through their own camera head , Then it's like the cerebral cortex , Build your own nervous system . Through different algorithms and systems and Tesla's internal control system 1000 People's manually tagged data team , Put a panoramic world in front of the machine , Then make the next decision .

4. Dojo supercomputer , The king's bombing . The above chip and training tile , I believe the figures they bring are not particularly sensitive , It can be directly understood as refreshing mass production records , Even super double . before ,GPU There are no such high requirements , So the industry is mainly CPU+GPU Collaborative related processing scheme , Tesla uses a visual neural network FSD programme , Therefore, stronger GPU performance .

Far away ,Dojo, This cloud supercomputer , According to Tesla , It will be the fastest computer of its kind , At the same time, it will be directly connected with Tesla's models 、 Robots, etc , You can understand it as , Constantly in all practical modeling , Through high computing power , Try all the possibilities 、 Solution , Keep training 、 Keep on learning .

5. Tesla robot , Needless to say , Is to use... At the same time FSD The core 、 Use the camera 、 utilize Dojo Training 、 Edge calculation, etc , Finally let the robot learn , Have certain human abilities .

If the above section has removed a lot of obscure information , You read it and read it , Then we can talk about the next topic , What is the meaning 、 What can be done 、 What's the problem .

Yes, of course , remember AI DAY Starting point , The core is recruitment . Tesla has revealed a series of its core , Look for those who are willing to join it , And have the ability to promote technological progress , Then solve a series of existing problems , To create new breakthroughs .

If you believe everything above , Then the global auto companies must at least catch up with Tesla 20 year

We need to explain one thing in advance , You and I have seen a lot before PPT、 A great deal of PPT Car making , What they tell is generally , What should I am going to do? 、 What is the future in our eyes , Behind this, consumers need to recognize 、 Capital is willing to further overweight 、 Find your own entry point and promote it .

tesla AI DAY Upper PPT Relatively more advanced , No concept , Talking about all kinds of details , It's about " I'm going to do this ". in other words , It's far from jobs iphone 4 The kind of war of God PPT, Only a little short . After all , It hasn't really been made yet , It can't be sold , It startled everyone " So what he said is true ".

well , Let's talk about why we can lead 20 This topic in .

tesla AI DAY Everything posted on , In essence, it is further consolidating its own advantages : chip 、 Calculate the force 、 framework 、 Software . In today's , Almost the vast majority of automotive enterprises have not yet done so in terms of electronic architecture " On the way ", But Tesla has overlapped to the third place within itself X generation . after , yes GPU、 Chip capabilities , The above figures are simply translated , If you want to achieve the same ability , It may not be the ability of automobile enterprises , It's national capacity . And in this , Tesla's Dojo、D1 Later chip 、 Training tiles, etc , There will also be further iterations , So it almost means ," tesla AI DAY Brought about by the , Alien technology almost equivalent to dimensionality reduction attack ", a AI company , Will make all auto companies in the world , There's no way to chase . Yes, of course , Chasing or not is another topic , After all , Standards in the automotive field are not set by Tesla , Major countries in the world will pay attention to the intelligent network connection 、 Intelligent driving gives its own corresponding standards . therefore , That means ,Dojo、D1 Behind a series of exploding data , It may not exactly match the corresponding regulations , for instance L4 Level 1 autopilot requires mandatory matching of medium and short range lidar , That pure visual solution , It doesn't make much sense .

then , Let's talk about AI DAY behind , This series of points that need reflection , How many in the world .

1. How Tesla landed , The above series , The core problem is this aspect . First of all , chip 、 Training tile , How to make , Who will make . Design level , On the one hand , At the same time, we also interviewed experts in the field of chips , They are for Tesla D1 The interpretation of self-developed and self-produced chips is quite interesting , Because self research is indeed possible , And in the process of self production , Design your own chips / Design backend / Self production , Can be called self-produced . As for real production , Intel 、AMD、 Thomson technology ? well , The current ones don't match . meanwhile , The technology in TSMC's hands ( Or Samsung's solution ), Whether it can meet Tesla's index needs , Everything is uncertain .

2. Existing technology path ,AI DAY I didn't talk about too many concepts and directions , In essence, it is no different from the current situation of the industry . So the question came , Even in the national standard 、 Before the implementation of global standards , The vision brought by Tesla makes some clouds 、 Extremely high simulation ability , these , It will really have a great impact on lidar ? It's not .

Of course , Musk also offers other possibilities , Like the Tesla robot . since , In the future, automatic driving technology may not be a pure visual world or something ,AI DAY Tesla on , In terms of the results , Not much focus on cars , It is AI And software . In other words , If Tesla is allowed to build a country or world , The prospect of this approach is infinite .

3. Alien technology really landed ? Too much calculation , It's really necessary to have such a high computational power ? If from a certain point of view , Next , Will consist of each vehicle FSD4.0 Functional models -Dojo Supercalculation , Together, the edges are calculated + Large edge computing network , Accurately speaking , Such a high edge computing power , Not suited to the business model . As for what model can digest this computing power , This subversion of traditional means of production , answer , I really understand everything .

4. Last question , About Tesla's business model , Business model .

AI DAY A series of releases , We can see that Tesla is really an optimist /X War thinking / More engineer oriented companies , What does the industry do ? Is not important , What others think I'm doing ? Is not important . Anyway , Capital markets are recognized , At the same time, new technologies continue to drive the recognition of the capital market , With enough money ( And further coding cycle ), The stock has been rushing , therefore , Tesla can jump out of many conventional rhythms , Directly and boldly to all kinds of science and technology enterprises all over the world , To pass on , How did you land .

At the end :

Last , Show me your shallow conclusions .

Everything is not really made , And meet the corresponding standards mentioned in the press conference , I'm not sure , Leading all car companies 20 This will really happen in .

After all , tesla 、 The musk Flag Frequent instability . such as X Millions of Tesla driverless taxis will run on the road , Like our FSD Often it's automatic driving 、 Not for a while . Before these benchmark questions , Vehicle delay 、 bounced check 、 Update delay, etc , None of this is a big deal .

therefore , The whole is like this , about 2021 AI DAY Come on , Full of eyes " Alien technology " It's too big , Can Tesla surpass Intel at one time +AMD+ Mercedes +BMW+ Honda + Toyota , It depends on how you perform in the end .

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