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The cost of BMW X1 is the same as that of Audi Q3. Is it difficult to choose? Audi loses in space

2021-08-26 02:20:07 Luca car

Compact class as a luxury brand SUV, BMW X1 It is still very suitable for families to buy and use . Thanks to the platform design of the precursor , BMW X1 In terms of space performance, it can even compare with its own medium-sized SUV BMW X3 Contend with , So when you want to buy a luxury brand home compact SUV, Mainly if you care about space , BMW X1 It must be on your car list . But we also know , Before buying a car, you still need to have a general understanding of the cost of the subsequent car . Today we'll take a look at BMW X1 How is the performance in terms of vehicle cost .

Due to the of the entry-level model 1.5T The three cylinder engine is not acceptable to most people , BMW's current X1 Among the car sales models, the one with the highest attention , It is its 2.0T The entry-level model of 2021 paragraph Modification sDrive25Li Leading . Today we also use this car as a reference , Take a look at BMW X1 In fuel cost 、 The cost of maintenance and insurance .

Oil fee :

BMW X1 Of NEDC Comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.2L/100km, According to our test, the real fuel consumption of this car is about 8.5L/100km. As a BMW, this car needs to add 95 Gasoline , at present 95 The price of No. 1 gasoline is 7.6 element /L. We usually set the mileage in a year as 20000 Kilometers to calculate the fuel cost , By calculation , The annual fuel cost of this car is 12920 element , On average, you need to pay for oil a month 1076 element .

Maintenance costs :

BMW X1 The maintenance cycle of this car is the same as that of most BMW brand cars , All are 10000 One kilometer service , It is divided into small maintenance and large maintenance . Minor maintenance is 924 element , The content is to change the oil and filter . Major maintenance is 3265 element , In addition to minor maintenance contents , The spark plugs also need to be replaced 、 Air conditioner filter 、 Air filter 、 Fuel filter and brake oil . BMW X1 There are still a lot of things that need to be replaced during the major maintenance of this car , Some of them are replaced too often . How to actually change , It still needs the owner to judge again according to the vehicle conditions at that time .

When calculating the maintenance cost , We usually drive for three years 60000 Km is calculated as a large vehicle cycle , By calculation , The total maintenance cost of this car in three years is 12567 element , It takes... To spread it evenly every year 4189 element .

Insurance expenses :

BMW X1 This car 2.0T The vehicle and vessel use tax of the version is 420 element , We are responsible for the insurance according to the purchase of 1 million yuan 、 Vehicle damage insurance and traffic compulsory insurance , The cost is 9272 element , But according to insurance practice , If you don't get out of danger in the first year, there will be a decreasing discount year by year in the second year , So we take three years as a big cycle to calculate the insurance premium , Suppose without risk , The total cost of insurance for this car for three years is 23180 element , On average, it takes... A year 7726 element , Plus the vehicle and vessel use tax is 8146 element .

summary :

By reducing the cost of oil 、 Add up the maintenance cost and insurance cost, we get , BMW X1 This car does not calculate the expenses of other soft cars , The car expenses required for a year are 25255 element , On average, it takes... A month 2104 element . Such expenses can only be said to be acceptable , But it's really not cheap . Analyze carefully to see , Actually, BMW X1 The fuel and maintenance costs are really not high , But insurance costs for this car , It's really on the high side . If you consider this car as a family car, you should mainly think about whether the car cost of 21 thousand a month is acceptable , If it is acceptable , This car is quite suitable for home use . In addition, compared with competitive products , Although with Audi Q3 The cost of the car is about the same , But the space is really big .

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