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Great Wall coffee smart + three big screens, Haval beast appearance, will it be very expensive?

2021-08-26 02:20:11 Luca car

In recent years, , Major car companies have made great efforts to name new cars , Great Wall Motors has an absolute say in this , Its big dog 、 A black cat 、 White cat 、 The first love 、 Red rabbit and other models , Use the personalized model name to earn a lot of heat . But apart from the name , Its product performance is also good in all aspects , Recognized by many consumers . Now , Great Wall Harvard has launched another product called " Mythical Animals " The models ,8 month 20 It has officially appeared on the th , So what are the highlights of it , Let's have a brief talk .

The appearance adopts Harvard's latest family design , Younger than other Haval models . Besides the name and personality , The modeling design is also more avant-garde , The biggest highlight is the frameless front grille 、V Zigzag tail lamp 、 Black diffuser and four outlet exhaust , Looks at the same level SUV In the middle is the front . Compared with the first love that has been listed 、 Red Rabbit , The appearance design is more eye-catching .

Simple interior 、 novel , Smart configuration is done well . Before the Haval model, traditional instruments were used + There are many embedded central control screens , This time put on 12.3 Inch +14.6 Inch duplex screen , In addition to double flashing 、 Keyless start button , Other keys are basically cancelled , This simple design should be liked by more young people . There are also smart configurations that young people like , Haval beast did well , For example, the Great Wall Motor coffee intelligent system used in the screen 、A Driver detection probe at column position 、 Capable of displaying most driving information 25 Inch HUD Head up display, etc .

The body size has been improved , Than first love 、 Red rabbits are slightly larger . The length, width and height of the beast are 4780/1890/1675mm, The wheelbase 2800mm. Than the listed Harvard first love ( The length of the body 4472mm/ The wheelbase 2700mm) A little bigger , Even compared with the opponent of the same level, Chang'an CS75 PLUS( The length of the body 4700mm/2710mm) It also has advantages .

The power data is good , Bijave H6 stronger . It will use 184 horsepower 1.5T High power four cylinder engine , matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . Power data surpasses Harvard H6 The use of 169 horsepower 1.5T Engine and Chang'an CS75PLUS Of 178 horsepower 1.5T The engine . If you want more power , There will be 2.0T Version and hybrid version can be selected .

At the end :

in general , The beast of Haval is a new product of Haval SUV There are many highlights , It is expected that with the appearance design of young personality 、 Good intelligent configuration 、 Strong power is loved by consumers . From these highlights , Maybe after Harvard H6 Another hit SUV, Later launched 2.0T Version and hybrid version are also very expected . As a young man , This car is very attractive , Next, we can look forward to its price , In terms of vehicle positioning and performance in all aspects , The price is not expected to be very expensive , Probably in 15 Start within 10000 .( Picture source network )

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