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The power is the same. Maintenance is more expensive than Odyssey, but why does Allison still sell well

2021-08-26 02:21:13 Luca car

Although not as famous as Odyssey , But in MPV market , Dongfeng Honda Allison also has a place . As Odyssey's brother , Allison has almost the same power as its products , But under Honda's dual car strategy , Allison was made more commercial , From its shape 、 In terms of pricing, we can see .

Of course , The higher starting price also narrowed the audience of Allison , After all, most families choose MPV More for practical purposes , economic . And what's surprising is , Get into 2021 After year , Allison's sales have been overwhelming Odyssey . So here comes the question , The same product power , Why do people prefer to choose Allison with a higher starting price ? Is it cheaper to use the car ? In response to this question , Next , We'll pay Alison's insurance premium , Conduct an investigation into the maintenance cost and oil cost .

Insurance expense survey

The price of Allison 29.48-32.88 Ten thousand yuan , According to our survey results ,"2019 paragraph 2.0L Hybrid Deluxe " The heat is the highest , The sales volume is also the best . This is because the price of low configuration models is close to 30 Ten thousand yuan , But still equipped with leather fabric mix and match seats , Poor sense of grade and visual effect , For users, they can't hang on to their face , In addition, many seat functions are missing . The medium model is only more expensive than the low model 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , Leather seats are added , Front seat heating , Electric adjustment of rear seats, etc MPV Core functions , Meet the vehicle positioning of this level . High configuration models have more scientific and technological configurations such as intelligent vehicle system , But it's nearly higher than 2 The price is ten thousand yuan , Some are not worth , Users can install it later . therefore , This time we will take "2019 paragraph 2.0L Hybrid Deluxe " As a survey model .

According to the results of the survey , Among the various insurance premiums of Allison , The price of vehicle and vessel tax is 480 element , Buy 100 Ten thousand three responsibilities 、 Vehicle damage insurance 、 After the three main types of compulsory traffic insurance , The total premium for the first year is about 9220 element . According to the actual analysis , In later use , If there is no accident , There will be a certain discount on the insurance premium in the next few years , We take a three-year cycle ( At the standard premium for the second year 8 fold 、 The third year 7 fold ) Calculate Allison's three-year insurance premium , The total cost is about 23050 element , The average year is about 7683 element .

Maintenance cost survey

According to the maintenance manual , Allison needs to be in 5000km or 3 The first maintenance shall be carried out in months ( Whichever comes first ), The first guarantee is free , The oil needs to be changed , The price of engine oil including labor cost is about 455 element . After the first maintenance , The interval between maintenance intervals is 5000km or 6 Months , The accessories need to be replaced from time to time . Include every 20000km Replace the air filter element , The price for 119 element ; Every time 20000km Replace filter element of air conditioner , The price for 159 element ; Every time 60000km Change the brake fluid , The price for 248 element . The replacement intervals of spark plugs and transmission oil are respectively 100000km、80000km, The replacement cycle of these two parts is relatively long .

We drive in an ordinary family car for three years 60000km Is the vehicle cycle , Calculate the three-year maintenance cost of Allison , About need 6109 element , It takes about... A year on average 2036 element , A small service is 455 element . It can be seen that , The maintenance price of Allison is reasonable , The cost of the hybrid version is higher than before 2.4L The model is much cheaper , But compared to Odyssey , The price of small maintenance is too expensive 150 multivariate , It cost hundreds of yuan in three years , Of course , For a price 30 Ten thousand yuan MPV For the model , The impact is not big .

Fuel cost survey

Allison's whole department adopts 2.0L+ The power combination of the motor ,NEDC Comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.9L, According to our investigation , The actual fuel consumption of users is on average 100 kilometers 6.7L about . Allison is like Odyssey , Can use cheap 92 Number of gasoline , At present per liter 7.1 Yuan to calculate the oil price , Alison drove 20000km The oil cost is about 7100 element , Three years of driving 60000km The oil cost is about 21300 element , The average month is about 592 element . It can be seen that , Alison NEDC The comprehensive fuel consumption is slightly higher than Odyssey , And the real fuel consumption is the same , But less than a month 600 The oil cost of yuan is still very economical , Don't say the same level MPV 了 , Even compared with small cars, it has advantages .

Conclusion :

We add up the expenses , It can be calculated that Alison has been driving for three years 60000km The cost of the car is about 50459 element , The average year is about 16819 element , About every month 1402 element , The daily average is about 47 element . overall , As a car, the price is about 30 Ten thousand yuan MPV, Allison's total vehicle cost is very low , And Buick GL8 It's a lot cheaper than . But compared to Odyssey , The annual cost is still more than 1000 yuan , But there is not much difference between the actual maintenance and the oil cost , The main difference is in the cost of insurance , The reason for this is also very simple , The price of Allison for comparison is high , Insurance is naturally more expensive , If you change to two products with the same price , I believe there is a gap between them , It should be within 100 yuan .

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