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Nissan Qijun: the new model has been listed. Is anyone still buying the old model with a discount of 50000?

2021-08-26 02:22:53 Luca car

hi , Hello everyone , I'm your car guide , Recently from a Beijing 4S The store collected the car purchase information of Nissan Qijun . at present , The new Nissan Qijun has completed the replacement , The old Nissan Qijun has a small number of cars , In inventory clearing status , Is it cost-effective to buy a car now ? Next, let's talk with you .

In inventory clearing status , There are not many cars available

from 4S The message from the store is , The total sales of Nissan brand in a single month and last month were 103 platform , Among them, Qijun's sales volume 22 platform , The best-selling cars are 2021 paragraph 2.0L CVT 2WD XL Premium Enjoy the commemorative edition , White is the most popular color . But on the whole , At present, the number of existing cars of the modified models is not much , It belongs to the state of no choice .

While buying Nissan Qijun , What models will you consider ?

We can see from the car buying group , Nissan Qijun's car customers are not young people , Mainly the working class , Age 40 A man around the age of . They will consider the economic aspects of car use more comprehensively , Therefore, we pay more attention to fuel consumption and later costs . And they chose Qijun, in addition to its good power and space , Also consider the reputation that has been good for many years .

Customers who choose this car will also consider tuyue and RAV4 Rong Fang .

Although all aspects of Dazhong tuyue are also good , But weak space is smaller , Qijun is now clearing its inventory , More preferential policies , If it is an old customer, it is more cost-effective to replace , This is also the joy of collecting wool .

And many people choose RAV4 The main reason for Rongfang is its appearance , The design of the old Nissan Qijun is not particularly new , Plus RAV4 Rongfang and Qijun 2021 paragraph 2.0L CVT 2WD XL Premium There is little difference in all aspects of the exclusive Commemorative Edition , Finally, I decided to start RAV4 Rong Fang .

Old car replacement , It's the best way to buy a car

About the discount , It is the most concerned point of everyone , From hot models 2021 paragraph 2.0L CVT 2WD XL Premium Enjoy the commemorative edition , There are three ways to buy , The preferential intensity is also different .

1. Buy directly in full : The configuration guide price of this model is 199300 element , On this basis, offer 39000 element , Plus purchase tax / Licensing fee / Insurance, etc , The final landing price is 182400 element .

2. Buy in installments : The discount for installment purchase is greater than the full payment , Discount 40000 element , Down payment in installments 50%, by stages 12 Period as an example , The down payment is the same as the loan amount , by 79650 element , Later monthly repayment 6638 element .

3. Old car replacement : This is the most cost-effective way to buy , Subsidies for replacement of the same brand 1.1 Ten thousand yuan , Different brands are 8 One thousand yuan . Also after adding the necessary expenses , The final landing price is 171400-174400 element .

Specific purchase price information , See the table below :

besides , The car maintenance cost of Qijun model is not expensive , The price of a small service is 370 yuan , Oil change + Mechanical filtration + Air filtration + Air conditioning filter ( Medium maintenance ) It takes about 780 element , The cost of major maintenance is 990 Yuan up and down .

Summary :

overall , Qijun this model is still good , The return rate of old customers is relatively high , Brand reputation is also good , It's relatively cost-effective to buy now , It's time to clear inventory , The incentives are also strong . But at the same time, we should also take into account the small inventory of models and the problems of new models .

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