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The car is heavy, but the fuel consumption is not high. For the 7-seat trumpchi M6, the monthly fuel charge is less than 1000 yuan?

2021-08-26 02:22:56 Luca car

The kei M6 It is a compact class of GAC passenger cars MPV, Positioning should be lower than trumpchi M8, Although more elementary , But its product power is not vulgar . Compared with its own brand competitors at the same level , The kei M6 Have a very standard MPV figure , The conductor is approaching 4.8 rice , The wheelbase also exceeds 2.8 rice , The larger body size ensures the spacious driving space in the car , Even if it's full , People don't feel crowded . Besides , In terms of storage and space expansion ability , The kei M6 I also learned Japanese MPV" Steal space " The essence of , The third row seats can be fully folded under the floor , In order to gain 1100L The volume of the rear compartment . These are the advantages , The kei M6 It has been recognized by many users , Sales continued to be stable .

Of course , As a family MPV, The kei M6 The cost of car is also a matter of concern , So does it save money for daily use ? In response to this question , Next , We will treat trumpchi M6 Insurance expenses , Conduct an investigation into the maintenance cost and oil cost .

Insurance expense survey

The kei M6 The price is 10.98 Ten thousand yuan , The types of cars on sale can be divided into " Normal version " and "PRO edition "."PRO edition " Positioning higher , The appearance is also more exquisite and atmospheric , Of course , The configuration is also higher . And in the "PRO edition " In the model , The configuration of the two high configuration vehicles is very comprehensive , With driving assistance system , Adaptive cruise , Seat heating , Interior atmosphere lamp, etc , But it costs $156000 ."2021 paragraph PRO 270T Auto Deluxe " As a low profile car , Although there are not many high-tech configurations , But the security configuration 、 The comfort configuration is also complete enough , Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Two row independent seats 、 Leather seats 、10.25 Inch center control LCD screen 、LED The headlights are not missing , And its price is less than 13 ten thousand , Best value for money . therefore , We take this car as the research model .

According to the results of the survey , The kei M6 The price of vehicle and vessel tax is 420 element , Buy 100 Ten thousand three responsibilities 、 Vehicle damage insurance 、 After the three main types of compulsory traffic insurance , The first year's premium is about 5950 element . According to the actual analysis , In later use , If there is no accident , There will be a certain discount on the insurance premium in the next few years , We take a three-year cycle ( At the standard premium for the second year 8 fold 、 The third year 7 fold ) Calculate trumpchi M6 Three year insurance premium , The total cost is about 14875 element , The average year is about 4958 element .

Maintenance cost survey

According to the maintenance manual , The kei M6 Need to be in 5000km or 3 The first maintenance shall be carried out in months ( Whichever comes first ), The first guarantee is free , The oil needs to be cleaned 、 Replace the filter , The total price including man hour fee is 288 element . After the first maintenance , The maintenance interval is 5000km or 6 Months , The air filter element needs to be cleaned from time to time 、 The spark plug 、 Replace the fuel filter, etc .

Specific include : Every time 10000km Replace the air filter element , The price for 40 element ; Every time 20000km Replace filter element of air conditioner , The price for 83 element ; Every time 15000km Replace the fuel filter , The price for 48 element ; Every time 40000km Change the brake fluid 、 The spark plug , The prices are 58 element 、360 element .

We drive in an ordinary family car for three years 60000km Is the vehicle cycle , Calculate trumpchi M6 Three year maintenance cost , About need 5629 element , It takes about... A year on average 1876 element , Take care of yourself 288 element . On the whole , The kei M6 Small maintenance is cheap , But the maintenance cycle is too frequent , This increases the overall maintenance cost a lot . Of course , Users can extend the maintenance cycle by changing the fully synthetic oil , It's expensive 200 yuan , But on the whole , The cost of three-year maintenance will certainly be cheaper .

Fuel cost survey

The kei M6 Locate compact MPV,NEDC The minimum comprehensive fuel consumption is 7.5L, According to our investigation , The actual fuel consumption of the user is 100 kilometers 8.4L about . The kei M6 have access to 92 Number of gasoline , At present per liter 7.1 Yuan to calculate the oil price , The kei M6 travel 20000km The fuel charge is 11928 element , Three years of driving 60000km The fuel charge is 35784 element , The average month is about 994 element . in general , The kei M6 The fuel charge is doing well , After all, it's a computer close to 1.7 Tons MPV, Than many compact SUV More weight , Less than 1000 yuan per month can be called a surprise .

Conclusion :

We add up the expenses , Can calculate trumpchi M6 Three years of driving 60000km The cost of the car is about 56288 element , The average year is about 18763 element , About every month 1564 element , The daily average is about 52 element . You can see , The kei M6 As a MPV, Not because 7 Car or near 1.7 Tons of weight , Make daily expenses expensive , Less than every year 2 The car cost of 10000 yuan is really economical . what's more , Less than 1000 yuan per month , Even less than many compact cars , Can add 92 No. 1 gasoline is on the one hand , in addition 1.5T+7 The good matching degree of wet double clutch is also very helpful to fuel consumption , For daily use , I believe most families will be satisfied .

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