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It's bigger and cheaper than Hongguang miniev. Can you buy Qilu EC1 with a range of 200km?

2021-08-26 02:23:08 Luca car

At present, the new energy market can be said to be too hot , Whether it's making cars or making batteries , All want to take a share in this market , Since Hongguang MINIEV After success , Many micro electric vehicles have also emerged , For example, today, Costa Rica will introduce you to a new car that has just opened for pre-sale : Chilu eC1, The pre-sale price range is 3.28-4.38 Ten thousand yuan , A total of 3 car , The maximum endurance is 200km, The new car is expected to 9 Month official listing , Let's talk about it .( The illustration comes from the network )

No Hongguang MINIEV lovely , But it's not ugly . Chilu eC1 In appearance, it still uses the common small design style of mini cars , It doesn't look like Hongguang MINIEV And the mellow and cute feeling of Euler black cat , It has a sense of design , For example, the headlamp group adopts a more dynamic L Shape design , And connect the whole front face with a black trim , The bottom is still closed . The suspended roof design is also used on the side of the car , And in the rearview mirror 、 The side skirt and wheel eyebrow are blackened , The shape of the tail lamp also echoes that of the headlights , And provide several bright colors . The interior design is simple , Configuration is not low . The interior upholstery is also quite simple , The central control area is a more straight design , Equipped with suspended central control screen and full LCD instrument panel , But there are no buttons on the three spoke steering wheel 、 The configuration is also equipped with one key start as standard 、 Vehicle networking and remote control .

Bi Hongguang MINIEV Big , Better space performance . The length, width and height of the new car are 3226/1676/1556mm, The wheelbase 2150mm, This size is compared with Hongguang MINIEV( Long 2920mm,1940mm) It's still a lot bigger , Large size will certainly bring better riding space , Ride comfort configuration, such as electric seat adjustment / Heating is basically not , But for a scooter, it's understandable . Maximum endurance 200km, Good performance at the same level . The power will be equipped with one with a maximum power of 25kW Motor , And equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery , Provide 125km and 200km Two endurance . This parameter is also better than Hongguang MINIEV( Maximum power of motor 20kW, Endurance points 120km and 170km) The whole is stronger .

At the end

Through the above Costa Rica to Chilu eC1 Introduction to , You can see that it still has characteristics in appearance design , The configuration is not bad , With central control screen , Provide 200km Maximum endurance , Compared with Hongguang MINIEV There are still great advantages , And the pre-sale price is cheaper . Is it worth buying ? Costa Rica thinks , Qilu's brand recognition is still very low , But in combination with the official license plate sign " Chery new energy ", It can also be seen that it is manufactured by Chery new energy , We are too worried about the difference in quality , If you like the design , It is also a model that can be considered .

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