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The cause of Yu Yuexian's death finally surfaced. It was clear who was the culprit at a glance and was extremely angry

2021-08-26 02:35:50 Oriental Information automobile

The cause of Yu Yuexian's death finally surfaced , Who is the culprit is clear at a glance , Extremely angry .

Yu Yuexian has been away from us for nearly ten days , The first seven are over , The funerals were all over , The remains were also transported back to their hometown for burial , So everything is going well , But I think there are still a lot of people who have not calmed down , Also trapped in the sadness of Yuexian's death . After all, Yu Yuexian is a very respected and loved actor , Yu Yuexian, for some viewers , Like a sister or aunt , It makes people feel so kind , Just like your family , So when your family leaves , It must be very sad , But we should also bravely accept and face the reality , After all, Yu Yuexian's departure is a fact , Can't change , So we still need to get back to normal as soon as possible , While everything is going on in an orderly way , The cause of Yu Yuexian's death finally surfaced .

As we all know, Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , But people will also question , Why did such a serious car accident happen , Why did the four people in the car die in Yuexian , And the other three are fine . So when such details are exposed , It also attracted a lot of speculation , Some people even say that Yu Yuexian's death may have a bigger secret , Maybe it's not like what it looks like. It's just a car accident and death , So people have been looking for the real cause of Yu Yuexian's death , But for those who really knew the situation at that time , I think except for Yu Yuexian who has died , There's nothing else in the car 3 people . So someone interviewed the driver , The driver also spoke about the accident at that time , The driver said because it was in the early morning , So there's no car on the road , I drive very fast , However, he did not know that there would be camels on the road .

Maybe it's also because I'm tired driving , So I didn't pay much attention to whether there was something ahead , Plus lack of concentration , So it was too late to see the camel , Plus the car is too fast , So the car hit the camel , So the tragedy happened . And the driver said , Yu Yuexian was actually sitting in the back seat of the co pilot , Maybe it happened suddenly , I don't handle the details properly , So the place where Yu Yuexian sat hit the camel hard , Produced a huge impact , The car turned over , The place where Yu Yuexian was sitting was the most serious impact , Unfortunately, he died . So when you hear the driver's story , Also very angry , Because through his story , Everyone knows who is the culprit , Because it's clear at a glance , So it is very clear who is the culprit , The main thing is that the driver really makes everyone very angry , Why drive so fast at night , Why do you drive tired again , As a driver , You should know that these are the two most taboo points .

But he didn't follow the common sense that people should follow , So it caused this terrible car accident , And our beloved actor Yu Yuexian also left us , So this incident really sounded an alarm for everyone , That's driving without small things , Don't underestimate any detail . You may have overlooked a detail or carelessness , It will lead to a tragedy , Just like Yu Yuexian , Originally, Yu Yuexian should enjoy his old age , But before happiness begins , She left . How can such an outcome not make people heartache , In fact, I think the driver blames himself very much , If you don't make these mistakes , Then there will be no accident to Yu Yuexian .

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