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With a budget of 100000 yuan, the space here is large and durable. Dad smiled

2021-08-26 02:40:59 Oriental Information automobile

author : Jiang Yong

A daddy fan left me a message before , He asked me where I was 10 Under a budget of 10000 yuan , How can I buy a desirable and practical model ? Personally, I think we can't just look at our looks , The interior space and durability of this car are the most important concerns . After all, for the domestic market , These two factors are also the demands of most ordinary consumers . So today, , I brought three such models for the fan friend , stay 10 Million budget , They have both space and durability , If you're a daddy , Don't miss it !

jianghuai Jiayue A5

The guided :8.48~11.58 Ten thousand yuan

Speaking of Jianghuai brand , Friends familiar with it should know , It still has a certain influence in the field of trucks . In recent years, JAC has also begun to develop slowly to passenger cars , Although the sales volume is not as good as that of domestic first-line brands such as Chang'an or Geely , But JAC's attitude towards making cars is quite serious , For example, this compact family sedan “ Jiayue A5”. Although it looks a bit like the new Kia K3, Dan Jiayue A5 The body size of the car has reached 4772/1820/1492mm, The wheelbase has also reached 2760mm, This not only brings it close to B The level of a class car , At the same time, it also ensures the riding space in the car .

More Than This , Jiayue A5 It also adopts a hatchback body shape , This not only allows the body to have smooth and beautiful lines , At the same time, it can also make the storage space of the trunk larger , Don't you kill two birds with one stone ? Just Jiayue A5 The interior design is relatively simple , Except for that piece 10.4 Inch outside the central control screen , The rest of the places are on the right track , At the same time, the sense of grade is also relatively general ( After all, the price is here ). But fortunately, the power system is classic 1.5T+CVT Combine , The most powerful 150 horsepower , Maximum torque 210 cattle · rice , Household transportation is completely enough .

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