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MG6 Pro is no longer a pure "bubble orange" with high appearance and big action

2021-08-26 02:41:07 Oriental Information automobile

I read a passage before , When I was a child, I always wanted to buy a performance car Mercedes Benz AMG, After 20 Years of effort , Just a little , Thinking of this, I thought I bought a AMG C63, I didn't expect that I was careless , It's a short one A, a MG. But it's just a joke , In contrast, mingjue's performance in the past two years , I think its youth is really good , Whether it's the previous Baron 5、 mg 6, Or what we're going to talk about today 6PRO.

In terms of appearance , The new color of bubble orange , Compared with the previous famous barons 6 My yellow , The color matching may be more popular this time , It's also a new choice for young people .

The design on the front face has a kind of nobility 6 The continuation of , But it is also a kind of transcendence . Slowly press down the engine cover , Match the large size of the front face with the medium mesh design , It's kind of GT The smell of sports cars . The narrow headlight design makes its front face more ferocious , This appearance is among the best in more than 100000 models .

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