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Cylinder 6 is yyds! These luxury SUVs enjoy duraman

2021-08-26 02:41:11 Oriental Information automobile

Generally speaking , Most of our daily household cars use a four cylinder engine , Although the four cylinder engine can meet most car scenarios . But for consumers who have greater demand for power or higher requirements for product texture , More or less . And like eight cylinders 、 Twelve cylinders are generally used in expensive models , It's too far away from us , With the increasingly stringent global emission regulations , At present, the six cylinder engine has already become the closest consumer “ Multi cylinder machine ”. today , Brother know, I recommend some luxury SUV,6 The cylinder is YYDS!

audi -Q7

Factory guided price :68.88-83.88 Ten thousand yuan

Preferential price :63.88-78.88 Ten thousand yuan

After the interim payment Q7, There have been many improvements inside and outside . In terms of appearance , It adopts the latest family design , It looks a lot more grand than the old model , The sales volume of the model before the change is poor , Most of the reason is that its appearance is not atmospheric enough , And the medium-term change Q7 There is an obvious improvement in the gas field , The new model is finally comparable to the previous generation Q7 A sense of dignity .

meanwhile , In terms of interior upholstery, Audi Q7 Also keep up with the pace of the times , Finally used the triple screen design of Audi flagship , In line with a flagship luxury SUV Identity positioning . There is one saying. , Before the change Q7 The interior design is really hip pulling , It's completely out of line with a flagship SUV The right temperament , I want to say , At best, it's a 30 ten thousand SUV The level of interior decoration , And the new model is much better .

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