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Heavy "double reduction", how to reduce?

2021-08-26 02:46:20 Beijing daily client

Children's education is related to thousands of families , It's a big event in the family , It is also a hot topic in society . Recently released 《 Opinions on further reducing students' homework burden and off campus training burden in the stage of compulsory education 》, Focus on what people care about “ Double subtraction ” problem , Caused widespread concern .

Why did this opinion come out ? The 19th meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform clearly pointed out that :“ One of the most prominent problems in compulsory education is that the burden of primary and secondary school students is too heavy , Shortsightedness 、 There is no fundamental solution to the problem of utilitarianism . In particular, out of school training institutions are developing in disorder ,‘ Reduce the burden on campus 、 Increase the burden outside school ’ The phenomenon is prominent .” Such problems lead to the overload of students' homework and after-school training , Parents are overburdened with money and energy , It has seriously hedged the achievements of educational reform and development .

2020 year 8 month , Ms. Wang, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, signed up for an English training class for children in primary school , The result was an accident . Ms. Wang's name is Yize English , This is an off campus organization for primary and middle school students to train English , Now the building is empty . Ms. Wang said , I just came into contact with this organization soon , The other salesperson tried to persuade her to buy as many courses as possible .

As early as 2018 year , The general office of the State Council clearly stipulates that : After school training institutions must obtain a school running license after examination and approval , And the time span of one-time collection shall not exceed 3 Months of expenses . At that time, Ms. Wang only considered the discount , I didn't think too much .

However ,2020 By the end of year , Yize English suddenly issued a notice to suspend classes , Then the teachers and managers lost contact one after another , Only then did the parents find out , Yize English is only run by an education consulting company , No school license at all , At present, the company has been included in the list of abnormal operations because it is unable to contact .

Training institutions, students' parents Yuan Quan : Parents we can reach now ,6 A total of 800 Multiple children , The total outstanding class fees are about 1100 More than ten thousand yuan .

I'll take the money , The training course is gone , This kind of thing is not uncommon . However , This is just one of the chaos of various after-school training institutions in recent years . If money “ course ” The two empty spaces bring immediate economic losses to some families , that , In recent years, the disorderly expansion of various discipline after-school training institutions has brought more far-reaching harm to the whole society , The first is to increase the physical and mental burden of children .

2017 The annual survey shows that , The overall participation rate of out of school training for primary and secondary school students in China 48.3%, The overall scale exceeds 100 million people .2021 year , A survey by Beijing Normal University shows that ,88.8% My primary school students 、95.7% Middle school students , Sleep time does not meet the national standard , even to the extent that 34.2% Of primary and middle school students don't get enough sleep every day 7 Hours . In addition to directly increasing the physical and mental burden of children , Many after-school training institutions , By creating pressure 、 Marketing anxiety and other means , It causes panic to students and parents , It also increases the burden on the family , It also wastes a lot of social resources .

And under all kinds of names , leading 、 Superclass 、 Excessive competitive training , It deviates from the origin of Education , Let learning become a race of money and time , Training has become a business of brushing questions and raising points , Many families are deeply involved , But I can't get away .

The off campus training market under the banner of education is expanding year by year , Let the family lose more than gain , Society pays a heavy price , The biggest gainers are training institutions . data display ,2020 year , The scale of China's after-school training market exceeds one trillion yuan ,2019、2020 year , The number of new off campus training institutions is more than 70000 to 80000 .

In order to eradicate the chaos of out of school training , Just released 《 Opinions on further reducing students' homework burden and off campus training burden in the stage of compulsory education 》, Restrictions on out of school training institutions are clearly put forward .

Limited quantity : Adhere to strict examination and approval authority . All localities will no longer approve new discipline after-school training institutions for students at the stage of compulsory education , The existing discipline training institutions are uniformly registered as non-profit institutions .

Price limit : In Beijing, 、 Shanghai and other pilot cities , Bring the fees for Discipline after-school training in the stage of compulsory education into the management of government guidance price , Scientifically and reasonably determine the pricing method , Specify the charging standard .

According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education , The discipline here refers to : Morality and the rule of law 、 Chinese language and literature 、 history 、 Geography 、 mathematics 、 Foreign Languages 、 Physics 、 chemical 、 Biology .

Professionals point out , These discipline training institutions shall be uniformly registered as non-profit institutions , And pilot guide prices , Is to let education return to the public welfare orientation .

Executive vice president of China Private Education Association Hu Wei : Education is a non-profit enterprise , Whether public or private , Whether for profit or not , Are an important part of socialist education , We must uphold the party's leadership , Return to a cause of conscience , Can't be kidnapped by capital funds .

Limit the number of discipline after-school training institutions , While limiting the price , This opinion also clearly puts forward , Set a time limit : Off campus training institutions shall not occupy national legal holidays 、 Organize Discipline Training on rest days and winter and summer holidays . And before that , The relevant provisions have been made clear , The training end time of off campus training institutions shall not be later than 20 spot 30 branch , in other words , In the future, the Discipline Training of off campus training institutions , Only on the evening of primary and secondary school teaching day 8 Before half past ten .

meanwhile , The opinions strictly restrict capital intervention in off campus training institutions . According to the opinion , Discipline training institutions shall not be listed for financing , Capitalization is strictly prohibited ; Listed companies shall not invest in discipline training institutions through stock market financing , It is not allowed to purchase the assets of discipline training institutions by issuing shares or paying cash .

While controlling capital , Opinions further clarify the need to control funds : Some pilot cities should be managed by a third party 、 Risk reserve, etc , Carry out risk management and control on the pre charge of out of school training institutions , Effective prevention “ Refund is difficult ”“ Roll money and run away ” Wait for the problem to happen . We should strengthen the management of off campus training advertising , Ensure that mainstream media 、 The new media 、 In public places 、 All kinds of billboards and network platforms in residential areas are not published 、 No advertising for out of school training . It is strictly prohibited to make up the original price for sales promotion 、 False discounts 、 Unfair competition by means of false publicity . In managing capital 、 Control the funds 、 While controlling marketing , The Opinions also point out the direction for the next step of after-school training institutions .

Executive vice president of China Private Education Association Hu Wei : Except for subjects , And quality education , And music 、 sports 、 The fine arts 、 The development of science and technology , Someone needs to be engaged in this education .

Manage training institutions outside the campus , Reduce the burden on students , Parents reduce stress , What else should we do on campus ?

The opinion also gives the answer . According to the opinion : Comprehensively reduce the total amount and duration of operation , Reduce students' heavy homework burden , Schools should ensure that primary school one 、 The second grade doesn't assign homework , The average completion time of written homework from grade 3 to grade 6 of primary school shall not exceed 60 minute , The average completion time of written homework in junior middle school shall not exceed 90 minute . Strengthen work completion guidance , Teachers should guide pupils to basically complete their written homework in school , Junior high school students complete most of their written homework on campus , In principle, the end time of after-school service shall not be earlier than the local normal off-duty time .

In the primary school affiliated to Capital Normal University , from 2018 From the second half of , Pilot exploration has been carried out , School starts in the afternoon 3 It starts at half past five 4 Half past six , Provide homework counseling services , from 4 It's half past 5 Half past six , Guide students to participate in sports beauty club activities .

Off campus governance 、 School security , With the release of opinions , All localities have issued specific measures to implement . Beijing clearly put forward , It is strictly prohibited to divide key classes 、 Experimental class ; Promote the flow of teachers within the region , Gradually increase the proportion of high-quality ordinary high school enrollment indicators allocated to junior middle schools in the region ; Schools in Shanghai are strictly prohibited from organizing primary and secondary school students to participate in any form of 、 Any range of joint or monthly exams , There is no mid-term examination or examination in primary school . The reporter learned from a random interview with some students' parents , For reducing the burden of students' homework and after-school training , Parents generally agree that , But there are also concerns .

For parents' concerns , Opinions also put forward solutions . Opinion request : Promote the balanced development of compulsory education , Promote the growth of new high-quality schools , Expand high-quality educational resources , The examination results are presented in a hierarchical system , Resolutely overcome the tendency to only score . Gradually increase the proportion of high-quality ordinary high school enrollment indicators allocated to junior middle schools in the region , Standardize the enrollment order of ordinary high schools , Eliminate illegal enrollment 、 Vicious competition . It is strictly prohibited to issue enrollment indicators or unilaterally evaluate schools and teachers with enrollment rate .

Director of the Institute of private education, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences Dong Shengzu : The fundamental reason is that the allocation of educational resources is not balanced , Some deep-rooted educational ideas have not been broken , Especially important is the evaluation system 、 We still need to achieve greater results in reform .

There is a long way to go to promote the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education , It is imperative to standardize and renovate out of school training institutions . The reporter made random unannounced visits to some off campus training institutions , It is found that some after-school training institutions are still using the summer vacation to do Discipline Training for children . With the release and formal implementation of opinions , This kind of behavior of engaging in discipline out of school training in violation of regulations , We also need relevant departments to study and judge as soon as possible , Strengthen governance .

Reducing students' burden in compulsory education is not a new topic , This time, however, the intensity is unprecedented , And the opinion sets a specific timetable : Students are overloaded with homework and off campus training 、 Family education expenditure and parents' corresponding energy burden 1 Effective mitigation during the year 、3 Remarkable results were achieved during the year , The people's satisfaction with education has increased significantly . At present, the education department has formulated detailed rules for implementation , Start implementing .

According to statistics , At present, the number of out of school training institutions for primary and middle school students in China is very large , It has been basically the same as the number of schools , Among them, the fish and the dragon are mixed 、 Uneven, some good and some bad 、 Violations of laws and regulations are prominent . Some educational and training institutions are coerced by capital , Anxiety about trafficking , Excessive publicity , It violates the public welfare attribute of Education , Destroyed the normal ecology of Education .

therefore ,“ Double subtraction ” The goal of , On the one hand, it is to further improve the quality of education and teaching and service level in the school , So that students can “ Satiate ”“ Eat well ”; On the other hand , Make the training behavior of out of school training institutions fully standardized , All kinds of chaos in after-school training of disciplines have been basically eliminated , The heat of off campus training has gradually cooled down , Build a good educational ecology . And to achieve the desired goal , Need parents 、 The combination of school and the whole society 、 Multiple synergy , Make education more equitable 、 The direction of higher quality , Let the people's expectations for a better life be better realized in the educational reform .

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