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With a hybrid endurance of more than 1100km and a pure electric fast charge of 80% in only 20 minutes, Nezha s will appear at the Chengdu auto show

2021-08-26 02:46:43 Chewen channel

As the industry threshold is lowered , Various forces poured into the car making movement one after another , Especially under the tide of new energy , Many emerging brands go one after another , Let the whole market Blossom . At the beginning of the launch of Nezha car , Just make a high-tech slogan , Hope to be favored by young groups . Recently, its first car Nezha S Interior spy exposure , I will officially meet you at the Chengdu auto show in a few days .

In terms of shape , Which zha S Show avant-garde ideas , Very bold in modeling design . Its front face is a closed grille , Although the overall and competitive models are similar , But it is full of personality in the use of lines , Recognition is improved . The lamp groups on both sides are slender and sharp , It's almost hard to find during the day , But after opening it at night , The irradiation effect is far beyond imagination . The left and right air inlets below are treated by blackening , Sports attributes are very prominent .

Which zha S The side lines of the car body are smooth , Focus on the dive posture . The sliding back style is very dynamic , Seems to be waiting for full speed all the time . The concealed door handle is very novel , It can not only effectively reduce wind resistance , And extended range . Its large five spoke aluminum alloy hub also improves grip , Don't worry about stability . Both sides of the penetrating tail lamp group at the rear of the vehicle are shaped like arrow feathers , Set off against the blackened diffuser below , Don't worry about turning back when driving in the street .

interiors , Which zha S Walk in the forefront of the times , It's full of technology . The car is equipped with LCD 、 LCD central control screen and copilot touch LCD screen are integrated , Form a multi screen superposition effect , The visual impact is quite shocking . It also keeps up with the development trend of the times in the vehicle engine system , Be able to feed back a variety of instructions in time , So that you can enjoy a variety of services while driving . The car is also perfect in safety performance , Support L4 Level driving assistance . stay 3 Laser radar and 6 Several HD cameras and many other configurations work together , Help you relieve the pressure of driving , Avoid danger in time .

The power is Nezha S A highlight , It is available in two versions: hybrid model and pure electric model , The integrated endurance of the former exceeds 1100 km , This data is quite brilliant . The pure electric version can also drive continuously for more than 800 km , It has an advantage in the models of the same class . Of course , Now the charging time of new energy vehicles is a big problem , Which zha S I also devote myself to studying this problem , Can be in 20 Add... In minutes 80% Electric quantity , Charge for five minutes and you can exercise 150 km , The range of vehicles has been greatly expanded . Official expression , It only takes time for the car to accelerate at 100km 3.9 second , Does this performance make you quite excited ?

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