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The new Haval H9 will be pre sold at Chengdu auto show, with performance comparable to Toyota Prado and good quality and low price

2021-08-26 02:51:42 Chewen channel

Under the prospect of the rapid rise of independent automobile brands in recent years , Haval is also taking advantage of this trend to successfully build its own domestic brand SUV The market is in hand ; As a sub brand of Great Wall Motors , The reason is that SUV Model based , Using independent research and development 、 Production and service systems . From its establishment to now , Many of its products are very popular with consumers , among , Harvard's “H” The series is quite popular , Its main model Haval H6 More often than not SUV Top of the sales list , It can be seen that Haval's influence on China's auto market in recent years and SUV Market dominance .

In the recent , Of course, Harvard keeps moving , One of the most noteworthy is Harvard's upcoming pre-sale of its heavy models at the Chengdu Auto Exhibition —— New haver H9, The new Haval H9 It has already attracted many consumers , Because according to officials , This new Harvard H9 Will be equipped with more technology configuration , And there will be great changes in power and appearance . also , This new Harvard H9 The arrival of is to make domestic independent brands SUV Have and claim SUV Big brother Prado has a fight ; that , Today I'll take you to analyze this domineering Haval H9.

As always, the appearance of the atmosphere :

The harvard H9 From birth to now , It's been seven years , In these seven years , Also experienced many changes and upgrades , And the change this time , The harvard H9 It has achieved some success . This new Harvard H9, It adopts a completely different design style from before , The horizontal air inlet grille at the front of the vehicle is changed into a multi frame tusk design with a total of 11 , Although the size of the grid is slightly smaller , But it's more powerful ; besides , The new Harvard H9 All standard LED Headlights , It also makes it more technology and fashion .

The side of the car body is a proper domineering feeling ! The domineering and strong waistline runs through the whole car , With its exquisite rim design , Make the side of this car very powerful . The side of its body is very similar to Toyota Prado , In fact, the side and rear of the car body , Most of them still retain the original design , The hardline off-road style is full of the whole car . New haver H9 The body size of is 5077×1926×1900mm, Its wheelbase is 2800mm, The space is very spacious , It is also very conducive to the improvement of the gas field of the whole car .

Technology configuration has been comprehensively upgraded :

The new Haval H9, Its biggest highlight is in the car , Open the door , What comes into view is the LCD instrument panel with the large suspended screen of the central control , As a tough SUV , This kind of interior can be said to have exploded in other off-road models such as Prado . besides , This time, Harvard H9 In addition, multiple access modes have been added to the system APP The function of , Listen to music online 、 Watch the video and so on , Add more fun to the drivers and passengers . also , The new Harvard H9 Also added include gesture control 、 Fatigue driving monitoring and other functions , Its functionality can be said to go far beyond Prado .

in addition , The luxury of its interior has also been substantially improved , Imitation mahogany trim panel wrapped in leather with central control section , The decoration of seats and doors adopts orange color design in all directions , Make the whole vehicle full of advanced feeling , Unique handle design with multiple comfortable storage spaces , Let the interior of this car have no lack of luxury , It's also very convenient .

Strong off-road performance :

In terms of motivation , The brand new haver H9 Slightly disappointed consumers , Because consumers have been looking forward to the new Harvard H9 It can carry 3.0L A brand new engine , But it is reported that the new model will also be equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , And match 8 Self - contained gearbox , Horsepower can reach 224 horse . But haver H9 The off-road performance is still strong , Front and rear differential locks and its second generation all terrain control system , It allows users to conquer a variety of harsh terrain , At the same time, it also provides full fun for cross-country enthusiasts .

The harvard H9 In the past few years of listing, it has harvested more than 10 The trust of million car owners , And many foreign consumers also love Harvard H9, Of course , Seeing is believing , Look forward to Harvard H9 Excellent performance at Chengdu auto show .

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