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Shocking, the sales volume of these three SUVs in July was only 8 at most

2021-08-26 02:51:46 Chewen channel

In the cruel market competition , There are sales stars , Of course, there will be losers . Many models want to be like Haval H6、 Wuling macro light MINI EV Sweeping the car market like that , But I have to bow my head in front of real data . The three models introduced in this paper , Their sales in July can only be described as miserable , Not even double digits , Has been completely reduced to a marginal role , Can't make waves anymore .

Xinjinxuan ASX

7 In sales :2 car

Yes , You're not mistaken , Xinjinxuan ASX stay 7 Only sold in January 2 car , I really don't know how these two car owners feel . As compact SUV A veteran in the field who has been fighting for many years , Previously, the car had a good reputation among consumers , Although the share is not in the leading group , But it also makes sense . However, the current situation of the car is very different from that of the year when the monthly sales exceeded 10000 , It has long been submerged by the tide of the times .

The biggest drawback of the car , Is to configure the crotch . After all 10 10000 class trolley , But still the handbrake 、 nothing ESP, It seems to be five years ago , Did not take into account the current changes in consumer demand . In addition, the space utilization rate of the car is also very general , There's a strong sense of pressure sitting inside , The storage capacity is also unsatisfactory . motivation , There is nothing eye-catching about it , Can only be selectively ignored .


7 In sales :2 car

After entering the domestic market , Skoda has never reached its ideal state . In fact, Kodiak looks good as a whole , In medium SUV The field has also been popular for some time , Some months have sold 5000 cars . But the situation is getting worse , stay 7 Month and new energy ASX It can be said that we are brothers and sisters , Only sell 2 Vehicles , It is no longer the object of attention of the opponent .

The reason Kodiak lost , The main reason is that the renewal of the car is really slow , Not keeping up with the tide of the times , It's always slow . Its technology configuration and design style are too complicated , Innovation is limited . Plus, with the brand influence declining , Its stores are also gradually decreasing , After sales service is inconvenient , Of course, people won't pay for it .

The kei GS7

7 In sales :8 car

GAC motor is not selling well , You can believe it ? After all GS8 Born in the sky, one shot and red , Become a bright presence in the market ,GS7 Instead of just one word , How can the situation be heaven and earth ? But the reality is so cruel , Trumpchi last month GS7 Only get 8 A customer must , This sales volume is hard to look at .

Now trumpchi GS7 Has accepted the end of production , It will only gradually disappear in people's sight . Think back to when he was carrying the heavy responsibility , But now it's disappointing . GAC motor should change its thinking , Launch new products in the future to recover the lost situation .

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