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Women don't let men. The GT Mulan version of the good cat is on pre-sale, with a range of 480km

2021-08-26 02:51:49 Chewen channel

Now the domestic car market is wonderful , All kinds of new cars compete for excellence , In the design, it's all over the place , The configuration is also rich and diverse , A hundred flowers bloom . From the date of establishment , Euler launched a variety of models for young urban women , I hope I can win people's hearts by virtue of my appearance , So as to make progress in share . especially “ Cat strategy ” Highly praised , Popularity has been high . Now the star model good cat is also launched GT Mulan Edition , Now let's go and see how attractive the car is .

this GT The price of Mulan version is 13.8 Ten thousand yuan , It seems that Euler is confident in his prospects . Although the appearance design of the car continues the overall frame of the good cat , But there are still many innovations in details . Its front face has a retro flavor , The round headlight group seems to have returned to the era of singing and dancing . But the hood is very sharp , Show your identity as a new energy vehicle , This impression is very powerful , It makes people feel that the car is full of personality , Full of beauty of difference .

In order to improve motion properties , The car also adds a lot of red elements , Visually aggressive . Some sports kits are quite eye-catching , Close to the current pursuit of sports . The side of the car body is very interesting , Petal type aluminum alloy wheel hub is relatively eye-catching , There is no doubt about the recognition during driving . The use of lines fluctuates greatly , The dive attitude is very prominent . The car also adds a similar diffuser structure at the rear , The whole is full of power .

GT The body size of Mulan version is quite good ,4254mm Length vs 2650mm Wheelbase is very friendly to female friends , There's not much depression in the car . the A The column is also simplified , Wider driving horizons , Be able to detect danger in time . The car seat material selection is quite exquisite , Not only feel close to the skin , It is also worth affirming in wrapping .

GT The interior layout of Mulan version is consistent with that of ordinary model , The red element is quite eye-catching , Suede material also improves texture . The car is also equipped with dual screen , This is still very attractive . It also attaches great importance to human-computer interaction experience , I hope it can relieve the fatigue during the journey , At the same time, it provides a variety of convenient functions .

Power on ,GT The Mulan version has the name of ancient Chinese heroine , Of course, I will give a satisfactory answer . The maximum power of its mounted motor reaches 125kW, Able to give sufficient support to the body , It can maintain stable output in starting and medium and high-speed periods , Let you feel a strong sense of satisfaction . in addition to , The car NEDC The combined range is 480 km , There are not many limitations in the range of vehicles . If it's a daily commute , that GT Mulan version will be a better choice . Said so much , Are you a little excited ?

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