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The length of Zhiji L7 is more than 5m, and the wind resistance is only 0.21cd. 4WD version is provided, with 408800 pre-sale

2021-08-26 02:51:51 Chewen channel

Now the new energy vehicle market is booming , Capital from all sides poured into it , I hope I can get a share . As a novice representative of the independent car making force , Zhiji automobile was positioned in the high-end market at the beginning of its establishment , Expect to win the favor of consumers , Open brand awareness . Be wise L7 It will bear the heavy responsibility of impacting more living space , I can't wait to show my future travel experience now .

At present, Zhiji L7 The pre-sale mode has been turned on , Everyone needs to take out 40.88 Only ten thousand yuan can bring it under his command , It may be a little expensive , But after reading the following , You will understand “ There's a reason why it's expensive ” this sentence , Found that the car was actually worth more . Let's talk about the appearance first , Be wise L7 Mainly in science fiction style , It looks like the future car in Hollywood movies , You don't have to worry about going back . The closed format of its front face is very consistent with the identity of new energy , The two side slender lamp group is called sharp , There is no doubt about the recognition when lighting at night .

Be wise L7 The side lines of the car body are smooth , The low lying posture is very eye-catching . Using aerodynamic principles , Pay considerable attention to modeling design , The drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is as low as 0.21Cd, Does this data brighten your eyes . More Than This , The car is also equipped with a concealed door handle , Walking in the forefront of fashion . Multi spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub is very chic , More grip than you can imagine . The rear of the car is a through lamp belt layout , This seems more common at the moment , After all, many competitors have already applied in advance .

The interior of the car is a highlight , The interior of the vehicle is usually wrapped with soft materials , White and black blend cleverly , The visual effect is very brilliant . In terms of technology configuration , Be wise L7 Of course, to show the latest strength . The super long screen covers almost the whole front of the driver's seat , You can view the driving information of the vehicle through the LCD , It can also control various intelligent functions , You can also enjoy multiple video and audio services , This deserves more than 40 The price is ten thousand yuan . in addition to , Be wise L7 The length exceeds 5 rice , In the interior space is very abundant , Most people can sit in it very comfortably ,Tuscana Cortical texture is not a false name .

motivation , Be wise L7 It's also an all-out attack , I didn't let you down . The car is equipped with a high torque motor , Can achieve 544 Maximum horsepower output , There is no sense of frustration when driving . To improve off-road performance , The car also supports intelligent 4WD system , In the face of a variety of complex road conditions, it can pass easily , Show its excellent quality . It is worth noting that , To ease the difficulty of driving , Be wise L7 It is also equipped with rear wheel steering technology , This is good news for many novices . Be wise L7 The future is very broad , The sales volume is worth looking forward to more .

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