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The new popular cars in Chengdu auto show are looking forward, and the new generation of Volkswagen lingdu may appear, with dual screen design

2021-08-26 02:51:54 Chewen channel

There are still a few days , Chengdu auto show, which has attracted much attention, will officially open . In this competitive Shura field , Major manufacturers are gearing up , I hope it can open the popularity of its new cars , Lay the foundation for the expected sales after the official listing . Old car companies and the public know this well , Several new cars have been prepared for war . This paper will choose one of the popular models, xinlingdu, for a detailed introduction , Provide suggestions for friends who have the idea of buying a car .

Previously, Volkswagen models were criticized by many parties “ Dolls ” problem , But during this period of time, the management realized the seriousness in front of sales , The appearance of many new cars began to change significantly . Xinlingdu is a good proof , Admittedly, the Volkswagen logo is still very conspicuous , However, the car still shows different ideas in line application and shape design , It looks more fashionable and dynamic . For example , The front part of the grille adopts a new concept , Polygon layout is very characteristic . The headlight groups on both sides are also full of personality , It can attract a lot of attention after opening at night .

The side of xinlingdu's body emphasizes creating a sports atmosphere , The whole is in a dive attitude , It looks very dynamic . The multi spoke wheel hub has a sharp shape , Very eye-catching in dynamic . The waistline is silky , There is no particular preference for tough style . The design of the rear of the car is clear , In particular, the edge of the tailgate is clearly distinguished from the body , A little industrial .

The size of the car is regular , Length up to 4784mm, The wheelbase is 2731mm. But walk into the car , You can feel the old way of public experience , Pay great attention to space utilization . In the driver's seat, the view is very wide , The rear seats can barely sit three adults . After that, the depth of container preparation takes into account the household demand , It has been improved in depth and opening and closing , Can store most daily necessities .

Xinlingdu will show MQB Evo Platform strength , Take the lead in the allocation of science and Technology . It integrates the LCD instrument with the touch LCD screen , The public even played the dual screen strategy , This is really rare . The car is also ingenious in the car machine system , It can provide a variety of rich functions . The electronic stop lever is a bright spot , Let many young consumers look at it .

motivation , Xinlingdu will carry 1.4T Turbocharged engine , The maximum output reaches 110kW. Although the data are not prominent , However, the car can still meet household needs during driving , It can be easily accelerated at the starting and medium and high speed stages , There's not much mud and water . Of course, limited by cost , The shock absorption effect of the car is average , Everyone should pay attention to the speed when turning the corner , After all, safety always comes first .

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