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Here comes the tank 600, with a length of more than 5 meters and a 3.0T V6 engine. Its appearance is not inferior to that of Toyota Land patrol

2021-08-26 02:51:57 Chewen channel

When tanks 300 Time of birth , Only then did we realize that the original independent car making force has developed to this extent , Before that, there was a very weak sense of off-road SUV The field can also produce such excellent models , Not only improve our self-confidence , It also makes a number of joint venture rivals face great enemies . When orders follow like snowflakes , Domestic models have also been waiting in line , It is estimated that the management did not expect such a situation . Now? , tanks 300 An upgraded version of the tank 600 And finally exposed the official picture . With pearls and jade in front , The charm of the car is bound to be unstoppable . Let's take a closer look at its quality , Look forward to the day when it is officially delivered .

From a physical point of view , tanks 600 have great originality , Will tradition SUV Ingenious combination with ancient Chinese Architecture , Both off-road attributes are retained , It also attracts people's attention to the extent of domineering . The hexagonal air inlet grille on the front face has a huge size , Decorated with chrome trim, it has a strong aura , The power of industrial manufacturing is everywhere . The protruding lines above the hood are strong and sharp , Seems unafraid of the cruel environment in the wild . The lamp groups on both sides are square and thick , When the built-in light source is turned on at night, the irradiation range is very wide , It is easy to observe the road conditions , Avoid risks in time .

tanks 600 The lines on the side of the car are clear , Can highlight the strong outline . Large size multi spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub has high recognition , There's no need to worry about tire grip . The rear spare tire is very conspicuous , This is also in line with its off-road SUV location . The storage capacity of the trunk can meet the needs of long-distance travel , You can take a lot of things to feel the fun of self driving .

The size is also a tank 600 A highlight , Its length reaches 5070mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, The data performance is excellent in the products of the same level . In the driver's seat , Even if you are a man taller than 1 rice 8 The great man of China , There is also a considerable distance between the head and the roof , Both feet can control the throttle and brake freely , No sense of crowding when driving ordinary vehicles . In order to improve the driving experience , It also has privacy glass in the back , It can reduce external interference , Concentrate on the pleasant experience .

tanks 600 In terms of interior decoration, we also pay attention to the word luxury , Both materials and technology configuration are at the forefront , Comfort goes without saying . The car has full power performance , Independently developed by the Great Wall 3.0T V6 Engine based , Maximum power up to 260kW, Plus vertical 9AT transmission , Can easily deal with a variety of complex road conditions . At present, domestic brands are in luxury off-road SUV The market is almost difficult to gain a foothold , But through tanks 600 Look at , As long as the car continues in quality 300 standard , Then its popularity and sales will inevitably bring surprises .

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