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Wuling's new SUV will be launched soon. It is named Xingchen and aims at Haval H6 and Chang'an cs75

2021-08-26 02:52:04 Chewen channel

recently , The Federation issued 2021 year 1-7 Retail sales in the domestic passenger car market in January , Among them, there are many excellent independent brands with excellent performance , Under the influence of this year's global epidemic , Although many auto manufacturers are facing an unprecedented crisis , However, many brands still maintain their strong momentum ; In the Middle East: , SAIC GM Wuling has also achieved very excellent results , Its 1-7 The sales volume for the month totaled 1007,203 platform , An increase of 33%. As early as this year's Shanghai International Auto Show , Wuling also released its second exclusive silver model after Wuling Kaijie —— Wuling star , Wuling also expects to use this car , To continue the hot sales in the first half of the year .

Finely carved appearance :

It is said that this Wuling star is a carefully carved car , Absolutely not , When I see this new car , There will be a bright feeling in front of you , The blackened air inlet grille on its front face is matched with the silver Wuling logo , It looks high-level ; Before , Everyone mentioned Wuling , Will feel like a representative of vans and vans , But this car can be said to completely subvert everyone's understanding ; Its new headlight design is matched with the separated small light under the headlight , And it's equipped LED Humanized design of light source and progressive daytime running lamp , It can be said that this car is in line with international standards .

The design of the side of the car body adopts most SUV Design concept of , Streamlined and strong body lines , Make the whole car look neat 、 Simplicity , Exquisite wheel hub with silver trim at its window , Make the side of this car very fashionable . In the front half of the side , There is an exquisite and unique logo , To represent the identity of Wuling silver target .

in my opinion , The tail of Wuling star is the classic of this car , The black decorative strip above the license plate at the rear of the car is dazzling , Printed on the black trim “WULING” identification . Connect tail lights on both sides , It makes the whole feel quite calm and strong . besides , The new car will also offer five color options , In addition to the classic colors , There are also fashionable and beautiful Tiffany blue and so on , It adds a bit of fashion to this car .

Unique technology creates interior , Brimming with sincerity :

In recent years, , Independent brand car enterprises have also made great efforts in interior technology and workmanship , Of course , Wuling is no exception , The interior of this Wuling star is sincere , It's a real eye opener . The multi-functional pay off reel adopts a three width design , Full of athletic style , The display screen of the console is 10.25 Inch suspended , Full of sense of technology , With electronic liquid crystal display , Make this car full of a sense of the future . besides , The interior seat design also uses a very comfortable leather package , Make the comfort of drivers and passengers reach the extreme .

Durability test , Highlight its quality :

that , What is the quality of such a car with exquisite appearance and interior upholstery ? In the days before , It was revealed that Wuling star was tested in Liuzhou testing ground , It includes 100 km emergency braking test 、 Elk and pile around test 、 Wade certification test and many other tests , Many of his test scores have reached the excellent level , It can be said that the quality is excellent , After this test , Many users will choose this exquisite new car .

Wuling group used its Wuling Hongguang and other freight companies before 、 Passenger models are well-known , We also have many years of experience in making cars and reliable quality , The launch of Wuling star will also challenge many domestic independent brands SUV The status of , Including things like Harvard 、 Changan and other auto enterprises will be affected to a certain extent , After all , No one will refuse such a high-quality new car with comprehensive appearance and quality !

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