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The big show of Chengdu auto show is coming. These five new cars are highly expected. Let's see if you have your dishes

2021-08-26 02:52:05 Chewen channel

There are still a few days , The high-profile Chengdu auto show is about to open . On this grand occasion of the automotive industry , Major manufacturers hope to get more attention , Warm up for new car launch . This article will introduce five popular new cars , They all have the strength to compete in the market . Let's appreciate its charm one by one , See if you can find your favorite .

Gac Toyota - Saina

recently , With the gradual loosening of domestic fertility policy , Once a niche model MPV The field is also gradually moving towards the front desk , Become a choice for more families when buying cars . Saina's popularity has long been bullish , The outside world is looking forward to what works GAC Toyota can produce this time . The car is longer than 5 rice , Wheelbase too large 3 rice , Space guarantees your satisfaction . Its seven seat layout can also meet the travel needs of the whole family , It is expected that the car will be diluted GL8 market share .

Rapid way X90 PLUS

Previously at the Shanghai Auto Show , Rapid way X90 PLUS I've officially met you . But this Chengdu show , It will open the pre-sale mode , Pave the way for the final step of listing . It has achieved a new upgrade in terms of interior , Three frame multifunction steering wheel 、 Electronic gear shift and vehicle engine system are full of sense of science and Technology , Can make you feel the sincerity of this shortcut .

Great Wall hava H9

This car will be SUV Heavy new products in the field , Maybe it will change the current situation . It is domineering in shape design , Show the latest strength of the Harvard Family . Many people like its off-road performance ,CC0 Off road cruising and TAB The tank turning system is called a strong . It will also be equipped with the second generation all terrain control system , Let you feel the vastness of nature in the wild , Enjoy freedom .

Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3

Now the public is in a difficult transition , I hope to successfully transition from the field of traditional fuel vehicles to the era of new energy , however ID.4 and ID.6 The performance of the series is not satisfactory . In order to add weight to the future , SAIC Volkswagen launched a new car ID.3 This way enriches the product line , It also further strengthens its sense of presence in the market . The car is a compact hatchback ,WLTP The range can reach 550 km , The range of vehicles is still quite broad .

Janice Seth G70

Now Korean cars have a hard time in the domestic market , So we can only break the game and re-establish , Win consumers' attention by continuously launching new cars . This time, denises G70 On the stage of Chengdu auto show , Is to show people that they attach importance to and expect from the domestic market . The car continues the consistent level of Korean designers in shape design , Attractive to young consumers . It also keeps improving in terms of materials , The power system will also provide 3.3T V6 Twin turbocharged engine, etc , Let you feel a strong sense of driving .

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