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The official map of tank 600 was released, equipped with 3.0T + 9at. It is known as domestic land patrol and made its debut at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-26 02:57:27 Chewen channel

It's about 2021 Models that exploded in the first half of the year , Then I have to mention WEY The tank of the brand's peer brand tank brand 300, tanks 300 With its domineering appearance 、 Full sense of technology 、 Strong off-road performance and its very generous price , So many consumers set off a wave in the first half of the year “ Tank fever ”, tanks 300 There was even a series of operations of refusing to accept orders and expanding the production line to alleviate the shortage of Supply .

Right in the tank 300 When the heat hasn't abated , In terms of tanks, they recently released tanks 600 Official picture of , As early as in the recently concluded auto feast Shanghai Auto Show , Tank brands are on display, including tanks 700 and 800 And cybertanks 300 Wait for many models , Of course , The above models are still in the stage of concept car , But according to official sources , tanks 600 It is also about to officially meet you at the Chengdu auto show in the near future , The tank officially released by the tank brand 600 The official figure , It has also raised consumers' expectations to the peak , After all , No man can resist such a domineering car .

“ Tank tenderness ” tanks 600 Appearance Overview :

Although tanks 600 Spy photos have been exposed by many media and individuals before , But after the real official map was released , It still caused a great sensation .“ Tank tenderness ” It is the brand language of the tank brand all the time , This tank 600 It also deduces this sentence to the extreme . Under the wild and domineering appearance , But it's hard to hide its detailed design .

The front of the new car adopts a very exaggerated combination of air inlet grille and lights , The new design of the lamp group makes this car full of refinement , And its air inlet grille also uses a prominent design method , The bright surface coating design is adopted in the middle of the grid , It makes the whole front full of impact . in addition , A very thick line is used to decorate the lower surround of the front of the car , It further sets off this car “ Hardcore cross-country ” Style .

To the side of the body , I seem to see the shadow of Toyota Land Cruiser , Have to say , The side design of this car is very similar to that of the land patrol , muscular , meanwhile , Its wheel hub also has its own style , The design of multi tooth hub makes the sense of hierarchy clearer , Also let this car “ Thick with fine ”, It's really iron tenderness .

Interior spy photo exposure Simple but not simple :

Although the official map was not released this time 600 Interior photos of , But don't underestimate the power of netizens , Long before , tanks 600 The spy photos of the interior have been exposed , It can be seen from the spy photos , tanks 600 Interior design and tank 300 There is no big difference , Only the instrument panel adopts the design of full LCD , And the size of the central control display screen is also larger .

Because tanks 300 It belongs to a real hardline off-road model , And tanks 600 Some prefer high-end luxury SUV market , So tanks 600 The interior should be more refined and luxurious . meanwhile , The design of the gear handle in the spy photo also has the characteristics of the tank family , Very consistent with the identity of its tank brand .

The size is super Prado , Trying to break the wrist with Lu Xun ?

It is reported that , tanks 600 The body size of is 5070×1934×1905mm, Its wheelbase is 2850mm, In size , tanks 600 It has completely surpassed Toyota Prado , So I think , tanks 600 It's likely to be called SUV The king's Toyota Land Cruiser , This is exactly what netizens will tank 600 be called “ Domestic land patrol ” Why .

Of course , The driving force of domestic land patrol is also very greedy , It is reported that , tanks 600 Will adopt 2.0T And 3.0T Two engine designs , among ,3.0T The maximum power of the engine can reach 260kw, It matches the... Independently developed by Great Wall Motors 9 Self - contained gearbox . Such strong power also makes this car easy to deal with a variety of road conditions , You can also really compete with the land patrol .

If the tank brand launched tanks before 300 Just a warm-up , So this tank 600 That's the real power moment , Next , What we are most looking forward to is tanks 600 The price of the tank and the birth of subsequent products , Believe in the future , A battle belonging to the tank brand SUV The storm will also strike strongly !

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