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Euler cat GT pre-sale price of 138000, equipped with ejection mode, 0-100 acceleration of 6.9 seconds

2021-08-26 02:57:38 Chewen channel

As the car brand that loves women most so far , Euler gives the impression of delicacy 、 light and quick 、 Small endowment . But in fact , With the highly diversified society , Women are no longer a face , They are not only beautiful and gentle , Also brave 、 Independent 、 self-confidence , More and more become the backbone of the world . Their pursuit of cars is also changing , Not only beautiful appearance 、 Interior delicate 、 Rich configuration 、 The space is wide and comfortable , At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for performance and Technology , Many male car owners originally focused on the acceleration time and handling performance , Become the object of their concern .

In fact, this is no accident , But the trend of World Development . In the U.S. , A lot of big horses with high heads, powerful and unparalleled large horses SUV Or a pickup truck , The driver is often a small girl . In China, , Such scenes are gradually becoming the norm , Facing these independent and confident women , Major brands including Euler have also launched more targeted products .

2021 year 8 month 20 Friday night , It coincides with the third anniversary of Euler brand , Euler launched a new model , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version is officially pre-sale , Pre-sale price 13.80 Ten thousand yuan .

The new car is named Mulan , Obviously towards " Women dress up as men 、 To join the army on behalf of one's father 、 Serve the country and kill the enemy " The heroine Hua Mulan pays tribute to , Mulan's name also means that the target of this car is women's middle school " Hero ".

Look from the shape , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version continues the design concept of Euler's good cat , On the basis that the basic outline is consistent with Euler's good cat , Added some wild elements , More ferocious temperament . The fog light area is exaggerated L Type tusk trim , It makes the structural level of the body shape richer 、 The front face also becomes more fierce ; The carbon fiber trim rich in retro sports gene covers the underbody in all directions , Give the whole vehicle a cool and sporty appearance ; The rear part , The new car has added a larger tail , Then match with the diffuser shape surrounded by the rear and red decoration , The strong sports breath is aggressive .

interiors , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version adopts a more passionate color matching style , More in line with the retro temperament of good cat models . In space , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4254/1848/1596mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, Compared with Euler, a good cat is slightly improved , It keeps the advantage of good cat's large space .

The most important aspect of endurance , The carrying capacity of the new car is 59.1kWh Ternary lithium battery , Comprehensive range of 480 km , You can make two round trips between Beijing and Tianjin , Or a one-way trip from Beijing to Hohhot . The most important power system , Euler is a good cat GT Mulan version is equipped with a high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor , The most powerful 126kW, Maximum torque 250Nm. Compared with a good cat 105kW and 210Nm Obviously strong , This is also for good cats GT Better performance .

in fact , Good cat GT Mulan Edition 0 To speed per hour 50 Km acceleration time only 3.4 second ,0 100 acceleration time only needs 6.9 second , This figure exceeds that of most fuel vehicles , Can bring hearty driving pleasure . If it's not enough , So this performance steel gun is also equipped with ejection mode . stay sport In mode , The driver depresses the brake pedal and accelerator pedal at the same time , When the instrument prompts " Ejection mode activated ", The motor can instantly release the maximum torque 250N.m, While releasing the brake , Good cat GT The Mulan version shot out like an arrow .

It is such a wild steel gun machine , Pre-sale price 13.8 Ten thousand yuan , If you like , You can consider starting .

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